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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

While you were in the rest room

Yesterday I had the experience of driving on Sandy Boulevard in Northeast Portland. It is a rutted, potholed mess, pretty much the entire length of it. Where is the guy who's supposed to be keeping our streets in shape? Huddled with his lawyer, learning how to plead the Fifth Amendment?

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Is Portland responsible for Sandy Boulevard? I thought that ODOT owned and maintained it. (That is why ODOT required chains on it while Portland didn't require chains anywhere.)

Whoever it is had better get on it. It's crumbling.

Well, Steam Portland is on Sandy Blvd. That's one part of the economy the Mayor will want to stimulate.

Didn't they just repave Sandy, like, a year or two ago?

I'm sure the work was done by a well connected contractor who would be happy to come out and do it again.

"Is Portland responsible for Sandy Boulevard?"

ODOT is only responsible if it is a state highway (SE Powell = Hwy 26), I don't think NE Sandy is a state highway.

Besides after this last episode, Sam knows he can get city council to approve any project he wants or ignore any project not associated with streetcars or condos and the sheeple's objections won't matter either.

They'll fix Sandy just as soon as they finish the transit mall and run street cars all over the East Side. Oh, and maybe another tram.

But I promise, as soon as that's done, they'll have lots of energy to turn back towards maintaining streets.

Jack, were those virgin pot holes? If so, Sam might be interested. Otherwise he has better offers elsewhere.

I use the stretch of Sandy between I-205 and NE 47th five days a weeks for commuting. Yes, a lot of it was recently repaved. The new potholes are since the recent snow-and-ice episode. Agreed, the potholes are awful, but would it not be best to wait until after winter to fix them, in case we get another Arctic Blast (TM)?

Breaking News: Sam has decided he will attend the Q Center's Winter Gala (because calling it the Mayor's Ball was just too easy for Leno). Also, the kissing booth has been dropped from the agenda.

All minors will receive a hand stamp at the door (provided by Chuck E. Cheeses) and will be barred from the restroom while the Mayor is present.

Kudos to Senator Wyden, as reported on KATU.com, when he met with Portland Commissioner Fish yesterday, the Senator said, among other things, I've " . . . lost my faith in Mayor Adams." So much for the Mayor getting any help from the Senator for his transportation projects, and too bad for SW Sandy and the other streets that need repair.

They haven't paved SW Sandy in years.

I ride the sandy bus #12 every day from 72nd to downtown. The part they paved was through the hollywood district...you know because of whole foods and all. What amazes me is the number of empty buildings all along sandy...especially in the hollywood district and into downtown. When the dodge dealership goes, there will be a lot of big, empty buildings along there. The good news is Dollar Tree is moving into the old
Trader Joe's space. :)

Laurelann is a bit off. Sandy Blvd. east of NE 82nd was all repaved a couple of years ago, max. There was also repaving from roughly NE 15th to NE 47th as part of the Sandy "streetscaping" project (included adding some left turn lanes) and sewer work. My own block in Hollywood was torn up for sewer work. I think the potholes that I see now are mainly in the stretch between NE 47th and NE 82nd, which has not had any TCL.

Sorry, TLC, not TCL :-)

Having lived about four blocks south of Sandy by the Safeway at NE 70th for many years, I don't think the area from 47th to 82nd has had any work done on it in a long time. I did notice some potholes were filled within the last day or two, at least in the right hand in-bound, e.g. westbound lane in that area.

And, yes, in the Hollywood area there was significant work done - the goal was to do sewer and road work at the same time, and rip up the streets just once. However, in the lower stretch - around 20th - was where there was that bad paving job that did have to be redone. Hollywood itself - from about 47th to the 37th ave. freeway on-ramp - seems to have held up fairly well.

It all makes sense now - the Hollywood Star reported several months ago that Samadams' plan was to close out two of the traffic lanes and get rid of the regular bus service on NE Sandy in favor of ... streetcars. Perhaps the strategy is to let the roads deteriorate the point that anything is better than the pock-marked mess that exists now.

What better excuse to justify that stupid project than "Hey, we're fixing up the roads anyway, why not let us build some rails, too. It'll only cost a few hundred million bucks!"

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