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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Venn Diagram of the Week

funny pictures

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Almost prefect, but you forgot to provide a place for the ageing flower children.

Am I missing something in this revealing graphic portrayal...or is the Tram just floating over everthing, looking into the virtual backyard of each mini-domain?

___ora et labora___


PS: It's gonna rain again. Quick, start building that ark!

Wow, a tough choice. So many possibilities.

Thanks for the thought provocation.

Beautiful. I am reminded of the Bob Dylan line: "Your corrupt ways have finally made you blind". The movers and shakers try to move the "Portland ways" to other parts of the state, but many people see through it. History won't vindicate the idea that Portland is an important leader, rather more like a blind opportunist.

Maybe this belongs under 'Bureaucracy' as you put it.

The (money-)bankrupture of Portland, and awfully much of everywhere else, is caused by the federal onus. The (bean-counter's) 'burden' of Nationalism uber alles.

Meaning, take the rightwing wackos's evoked 'small government' to its logical extreme: No federals. 'They' always, traditionally, typically, as a defining ideology characteristic, 'they' demand States' rights, State autonomy, 'local custom.' Self-centered.

Now, living hogwild in the trough of military industrialism, with the prospect of losing their ('National' security) federal 'freebies' -- should the FederalEverything be dissolved -- NOW 'they' scream bloody '(my)economic murder!' The seditious sabotage of democracy's freedom for the individual, (so that every child might 'grow up to be President' or 'have the American dream'), is when "Jobs. Jobs. Jobs." is used to mean 'Federal job security for taxpayer-paid snoops' (and gropers and gossips and Enemies Listmakers).

We the Oregon Personality always, traditionally, typically, characteristically hold with our own frontier self-sufficiency. Because this region is so great. And because our pioneer rootstock grew unattended here at the End of the Trail, a zillion disconnected miles from Chislers on the Chesapeake either appropriating our currency or providing us any serviceable benefits -- we were born on our own under the remote stars in a detached Time Zone, and we'd sooner continue without a licensing 'government' from which a man comes who says he helps us.

Shrink The Government to its logical disappearance. FREE the FIFTY States.

Else we ALL go bankrupt. Portland included.

Meanwhile, for any The Government we acclaim -- National or Customary or in-between, for it: No Taxation Without Explanation. Open-book accounting. The whole truth. Public display in the media where our currency -- legal to tender in private and public commerce -- circulates. Display the public accounting in those media, which arise from (and by and for) the currency traded there -- the local scuttlebutt media. There's always some media ... for a fee ... gossips, town-criers. Now blogs.

(This is how the Civil War started, dontcha know; South Caroline enacted to collect its own (State) tariff payments on exports off its docks and out its ports, (tobacco, cotton), and to not share a penny with WashingtonDC for its Coast Guard 'protection racket' snooping, groping, scrounging around the tidewater bothering (to 'help') to bankrupt the local customs.)

Very, very cool. Elegant.

I would jigger it a little so so that the police misconduct set intersects the bureaucracy and police/fire pensions sets, also within the interlocked arrogance/stupidity sets.

And, of course, since streetcars are listed, cars themselves should also be listed, a much bigger set, similarly located at arrogance & stupidity intersection.

Does the deferred maintenance include snowfall?

What will eventually bankrupt Portland?

Should have just been a picture of Sam Adams.

If you have been paying any attention in the last five or ten years (and reading the Rap Sheet published by the police union), you would know there is no such thing as "police misconduct" in Portland.

Nice chart. The content of it goes nicely with the six videos I recently posted on Youtube. To find them use the search at Youtube with keywords:nike university of oregon.

IF and WHEN Portland goes bankrupt we will all be poor people. So understand our plight there, to then be able to pull ourselves up to the standards of decent folks by our bootstraps; the poor 'plight' symptoms to recognize are diagnosed on hatetalk radio:

that "poor people were not and are not poor because they lack money. They're poor because they lack values, ethics, and morals", radio host Bill Cunningham claimed, January 4 edition.

Poor people bankrupt Portland, but 'not because they lack money.' Although Henry Ford's economic bromide contradicts hate-radio -- where the business of Government is business, the workers (read: residents) have to be paid enough to be able to afford 'the products of' (read: taxes, for public employees like soldiers, police, firemen, scholars) their own labor.

The chart should have one circle that you can't see through at all called, "Transparency in Government."

surprised nobody mentioned your mine.icanhascheezburger site yet

very cool, very creative-class

I like that the "stupidity" bubble is the largest. "Arrogance" should be up there, but as large as "stupidity"? No way.

Where there's arrogance, there's usually stupidity as well. An uncanny correlation, that.

That Venn Diagram is way too fitting, Jack. Though I might have made the Streetcars have a bigger circle, especially given the expansions that Tram Boy and friends want.

Yeah, they did leave out bubbles for "New Urbanism Cult" and "Smart Growth"

I don't see OHSU on there anywhere...

I think OHSU has a large possibility of being a huge contributing factor to the bankruptcy of the City of Portland.

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