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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Transition time

It's reported that Oregon's U.S. attorney, Karen Immergut, has put her name in to become a Multnomah County judge. It's just a matter of time before Obama, via Wyden and Merkley, gives us a new appointee for her federal post.

I'm still having a hard time getting used to the fact that Gordon Smith doesn't have anything to say about these things any more. Sweet.

That said, I never understood why a Republican President's U.S. attorney didn't raise more heck in all-blue Oregon. Lord knows there are enough odd-looking "public-private partnerships" in these parts that deserve serious scrutiny. Aside from the much publicized attempt to get a mole into City Hall, the feds haven't challenged the Arlington Club money-power axis one whit.

So who should be the next U.S. attorney?

I've got an idea: How about Steve Novick?

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Maybe whoever gets the job can do something like this.

As long as there's none of this, I'll be happy.

Aside from the Brandon Mayfield debacle which after the fact was not as much her fault, I still doubted Ms. Immergut because she was a Gonzales/Bush appointee. However, in my two brief encounters with her I came away pretty darn impressed at least in the areas of federal law that was at issue, Federal Corrupt Practices Act and waiver of attorney/client privilege by corporations.

I'd like to see an enforcer-type that is not from here so that there would be hopefully no Arlington Club bias.

Immergut for judge, again?


Ooh, ooh, Novick, yes!

Good call. GREAT spot for him.

Sam the Tongue has written a book already? "The defendant was well known thanks to his book “Me and My Likker,” "

I do wonder what Merkley might have to say about putting Novick in that seat. Somehow I don't think there is a lot of warm fuzzy between Merkley and Novick.

While I voted for Novick in the primary, I am still looking for some confirmation of his great environmental prosecution experience.

A quick search through the appropriate dat fields in the F.Supp., FRD. and F2d and F3d data bases doesn't yield a confirmation of any Novick prosecuted cases. By contrast, one can relatively easily find records of cases prosecuted by former EDNY AUSA John Kroger.

I'm also not fond of political ideologues - whether republican righties or democrat lefties - as US Attorneys. I've seen both kinds and neither has been impressive.

Food for thought.

Personally I think we need judges who have spent some time work with low income defendants and maybe tried a murder case or two representing low income people.

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