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Monday, January 5, 2009

The sled hill

One of the fun outings from the snowy Portland Christmas was a walk over to Irving Park, where there's a hill that's just the right size for junior sledders. We caught it both on a powdery evening and on a more slippery late afternoon, and it was a blast both times -- particularly with the addition of a couple of human-made bumps that were built about halfway down the slope on the second day.

Anyway, our friends Barb and Roberto had their brood up there one of those days, and they recorded the festivities for safekeeping. We'll have to be sure to come back to these images in the dog days of summer, to cool off:

Coincidentally, we were alerted to this video by our mutual friend Matt Whitman, whose latest addition, a Boy Named Cheese, has joined The Gus on the family blog.

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