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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Startling development

Click on the image for the full, depressing story:

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You do know that this is a total parody, right?

I also read that Sam had City Hall equipped with an art bomb that he will deploy on the "creative class" when his economic plans start to fail. He is like a huge pinata that will drop paint, tofu gesso, and brushes down on the Pearl if the economy needs to be stimulated.

The worst part is where they house the Day Care... I'm very concerned for all those little tots and the radioactive fallout, being so close and all.

In a world where might makes right, every cave man needs a club. Neanderthal logic posits that a peace keeping institution possess the ultimate stick. The Onion shows how absurd reality is these days.

Jack, don't you know the Portland already has a "doomsday device" it can be found at Reed College.
I refer to the Reed Reactor with over 1000 vists a year.

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