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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stand by your man

I see that Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz is running a portrait of the mayor on her blog today.

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The first thing (besides the rat) that struck me when I hit the link is that she's a registered nurse.

Does that mean we'll always know her whereabouts - y'know, like a sex offender...

...not that that's germane...

C'mon Amanda is in his pocket (as risky as that can be.) I am really dis-appointed in her, Saltzman being spineless and whining he can't do anythgin without Sam, I see.

I was just hoping for something new and original - like character and guts.


Fritz has nowhere to hide on this. She's essentially "all in" (sorry) on Adams and will have to own her (naive/calculated???) support of him.

Either way, looks like a bad first quarter for the European point guard.

Oughta be fun to watch...

Not that I'm into schadenfreude, or anything like that.

Deschutes Brewery Hop Henge IPA = New World Order

All hail!

A million bucks of public funds leverages fifty cents' worth of leadership into office.

I think the last time I visited her blog, she had photos of Burning Man posted.

Maybe the photos posted on her blog do represent her subconscious thoughts.

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