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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Scoutmaster Sam isn't resigning

Wow, what a nonsurprise. If Adams had the wisdom and decency to step down, he would have done it several days ago.

And so Portland moves on into six months of complete insanity, and then a recall petition effort, and then a recall election. The whole thing should take about a year.

Poor Fish and Fritz. They wait all this time to get onto the City Council, and now nothing they say or do is going to matter for a long time.

I'm sure Sam's supporters, who were granted free access to the City Hall rotunda for their little press conference the other day, are pleased. Guys like John Russell and Bill Scott and their West Hills friends have spent a lot of money on politicians like Adams and Saltzman. They demand a return on investment, and now there's a chance they'll still get it.

Oh, and Charlie "What's a Little Sex if He's Almost 18" Hinkle is going to represent Beau Breedlove. You wonder who's paying that hourly rate.

This while John Kroger investigates something -- but nobody's saying exactly what -- and Portland taxpayers pay for it. You think he'll get much into the coverup, in which Mark Wiener, Kroger's own political advisor-in-chief, played a serious role?

I need a shower.

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I guess we need another Bobby Kenedy to come out here and clear this mess up.

I need a shower.

Uh oh, next thing you know it'll be snowing in your house...

At the rate that the mayor is avoiding the public, the press, scheduled news conferences, various council members etc. he is going to be less than effective as an advocate for the city.

No matter what he is trying to speak about, people are probably going to continue bringing any press conferences and interviews around to the attorney general's investigation. I predict his most frequently uttered words in the next six months will be "no comment."

Meanwhile, several sensational websites report that Beau Breedlove has been offered deals for photoshoots, magazine covers, etc.

There is a rift in Portland's gay community - including individuals, groups and JUST OUT, Portland GLBT newspaper.

The resulting money spent on the investigation may make the money pit surrounding the custody of Snowball the deer pale in comparison.

Good thing the city and State aren't carrying any significant long-term debt . . . oh, wait . . .

This episode has shown me that Portland is not the city I thought it was. Sam's army of supporters calling everyone who wanted him to resign homophobic really surprised me. I guess I had hoped P-town was better than that.

Oh well, just another shattered dream.

Sam runs the risk that sum nut case seeks an extra-judicial solution to this moral failing. Not that I would endorse such a thing, unless I thought I could get away with it.

Better yet, what would happen if the Fireman and Goldfish refused to accept his "apology"? Could they still have council meetings with just the Scoutmaster, Nurse Ratched, and Big Pipe.

There's a Sam Adams Retirement Blog on the Mercury website with stuff like this on the Adams to-do list:

--Look up definition of "mentoring".
--Think up a better excuse for lying, other than telling people they'd just think I was a liar.

For me it's a weariness in the skull to the point that I wonder if it's brain damage. 8 years! 8 long years I waited for our lives to return to normal and on the EXACT DAY when we were finally rid of Bush and Cheney this new circus starts up. Suddenly we are all extras in the movie again, but this time it's right here in Portland. "But, Bill, there's no connection between Bush and Cheney and Sam Adams." I think there is. It's when politicians land in office and instead of being public servants, they require us to enter into a long, boring, tedious game of having to deal with them.

We all have a variety of people who perform their professional tasks for our lives to work: Dentists, Grocers, Auto Mechanics. What would life be like if any of these other areas demanded as much attention as these politicians the last 8 years?

You could argue that politicians are our leaders, so they are more important and deserve having it be all about them. I've never felt that way. I see them as our public servants in charge of the government stuff, the same way a dentist is in charge of teeth.

What if we had to have a rally downtown for other groups? "Sorry, I've got to go defend my grocer. They caught him in the restroom at Safeway making out with a 17-year-old."

So to Sam Adams and George Bush and Dick Cheney, I say go f**k yourself. Leave us alone to lead our lives. This isn't about regaining trust. This is about already failing simply by demanding this much time and attention.

Now, you could say, "Bill, don't you make a living writing jokes about these situations?" My answer would be yes, but I needed to have a few days off just having fun with Aretha's hat and the pre-recorded classical music at the Inaugural. After 8 years I felt I earned that. Then maybe we could have plunged back into another one of these protracted, disappointing dramas with no winners. Maybe just a week or two and I would have been refreshed and ready. But you ruined Inauguration Day and that pisses me off. And this time it's right here in the Rose City.

Of course there are exceptions to the "No winners": I think Beau Breedlove will be a millionaire before this is over, depending on how the national media runs with it. And Portland might have gained a tourist attraction: The men's room at city hall where our public servant was making out during an office party. But other than that, we all lose.

So today, I will gripe. Tomorrow I will return to work and I will write jokes about this because that is my job. By the way, the joke wasn't mine that Willamette Week wrote about, although my stuff has been on national TV lately. I did send a couple of jokes when this first started but then I stopped and became almost depressed about it.

That ends tomorrow. For the indefinite future we all get to sit back and watch Sam Adams become a national figure at our expense. With Sam's ego, we have the Nelson Mandela of Mayors shaping up here - you just know it. And we've already given so much: Tonya, Bob Packwood. Even Bigfoot gets some play for the Pacific Northwest. But now we have to go through a new mind-numbing pointless drama. All because yet another politician made it all about him.

Apparently the argument is that at most there were two kisses before Breedlove turned 18 (Adams and Breedlove seem to disagree about the kissing) and that kissing is not "sexual contact" so no crime occurred.



After Hinkle's comment on Friday, it's puzzling that now they're talking about just two kisses, or maybe none at all.

The Devil's in our back yard folks and he's not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Mister Tee,

I'm sure more than a few folks have considered an "extra-judicial solution." But then Narcissist Sam would be honored as a martyr.

I can see his image on a candle, outstretched arms..., "For Our Sins."

Just go away, you disgusting buffoon.

Awww. Nothing personal, but it's time for you people to stop crying and let the city get back to work.

I'm sorry Jack, but if Greg Macpherson were Attorney General right now at least we know we'd be getting an honest investigation and not some dog and pony show that cover's up slimeballs like Mark Wiener.

Awww. Nothing personal, but it's time for you people to stop crying and let the city get back to work.

funny you should say that, given that's exactly what Adams has been doing for days--holed up at home like a teenager, texting Thomas Lauderdale, calling his friends, reading the gossip, doing--no work at all. all after--good lord--making out with an underage teen in the City Hall bathroom.

breaking news: want an example of ethical, gutsy leadership? see Obama. want an example of narcissistic, cowardly, leadership by equivocation? see Adams.

nothing personal, but it's time for you to stop crying about how people should think and let all of us get back to our own thoughts.

oh, and what Bill M said above.

Here's a quiz for you. You're a 42-year-old city councilman of a large U.S. city, and you're making out with a hot 17-year-old boy one June evening in the City Hall men's room. Do you rub up against his groin? Where do you put your hands?

There's an amusing topical poem posted on Willie Week's website. (Thank you, Charles Deemer).


I can also relate to what Bill M wrote. For over eight years, I only listened to sound bites and read headlines. I just couldn't listen W, or Cheney, or Rumsfeld or the others. I couldn't even read their words on the internet or a printed page. It was something visceral: I couldn't stomach the lies, the disingenuousness, or the manipulations. I started to listen to W's farewell speech, but I had to turn that off, too.

Adams may continue to be our mayor, but I'll be tuning him out before long. I'm still listening to and reading his words because I want to know where he's going with this sordid business. But it's over for me. He's not my mayor anymore, just as W was never my president.

Not only is he not resigning, he's got a new poll up asking for public feedback on his performance.

Funny, there's no circle to click on for my choice.

It's sick and wrong for Adam's to put Portland through this. What's the point?

He's unemployable.

If there is a recall campaign, do you think it can get public funding? Voter Owned Recall? I'm just say'n.....

Of course Scoutmaster Sam isn't going to resign.... He is a 45 y/o who has never held a real job in his adult life. I am guessing that he does not have a pot to piss in, and needs to bank a few more paychecks before he is thrown out of office. He is essentially unemployable.

Voter Owned Recall?

We've covered that.

I'm surprised the gay and lesbian community hasn't united against Sam Adams continuing as Portland's mayor. After all, how long will it now be before another gay man is elected to higher office in Oregon? Voters probably won't be so charitable towards gay politicians in the future...I know I won't. I don't want my representatives making out in public bathrooms with teenage boys. I don't want them even thinking about doing that.

Many in the gay community apparently don't believe that Sam's problems will affect them. They're wrong.

Could it be that Scoutmaster Sam is not resigning because he'll somehow get the taxpayers to pay for his attorney bills from the several investigations and lawsuits developing?

"In a brief interview Saturday night, Adams said he did not remember whether he and Breedlove kissed after they had lunch -- noting that he often kisses people in greeting and farewells -- but then cut off the conversation."

Which stall does the mayor typically use for the kiss?

I agree with Bill McD....I am numb from all this b/s.
And the pay backs will be huge. Guaranteed!

Bill...I heard a good one this weekend:

Portland, the only place where minors can get a Sam Adams.

One of yours?

Sam has 20+ years in city government.

Anyone checked yet what happens to his retirement benefits if he resigns, versus being recalled?

It may just boil down to this.

No, it also has to do with his $111,000 current paycheck. The guy's qualified to be a greeter at Wal Mart.

If he doesn't remember kissing his Beau for the first time, maybe he forgot about those two hot summer nights in June?

Yeah that's it. He wasn't lying, he just forgot. Like Reagan used to forget things. Like when Sam forgot they lock the doors on the weekend.

And Sad had no idea that Amy Ruiz was going to interview for that PLANNING OR SUSTAINABILITY JOB until they had practically hired her. Tom handles all that stuff, usually, except Tom didn't interview her this time because...he forgot.

Just like this one time at bad camp, when Sam learned to play the flute.

I could stomach this until the most recent, 'kissing isn't sexual contact' garbage.

If I'm Derrick Foxworth, and have a lawsuit against the city for demoting me for far less sketchy conduct than our mayor has been involved in, I'm getting my money counter ready.


Please stop insulting Scoutmasters. Seriously. Childmolesters and teenagerexploiters go where the children and teenagers are: child care, the Scouts, the priesthood, the US Senate. That doesn't mean child care workers, et al, are generally offenders. Why single out "Scoutmasters"? You could call him Father Adams? Just as unfair.

(Otherwise, I agree with you on Adams.)

Laura Graser

Same. What Bill said.

This business makes possible sense of one thing to me, though. I haven't been able to understand the mania to make every cockamamie deal that came along, no matter how obviously it would just dig the city further into a hole that is already waaaay too deep. Maybe it has all been in hope that some of it would eventually come back in the form of a job offer?

Per the ORS “Sexual contact” means any touching of the sexual or other intimate parts of a person or causing such person to touch the sexual or other intimate parts of the actor for the purpose of arousing or gratifying the sexual desire of either party.

Certainly easy to do during a long extended kiss

Let's see. He, at the very least, was 42 year old making out with a 17 year old in City Hall in the midst of a public function. Then, he drove to Salem to attend the 17 year old's 18th birthday party before having sex, numerous times, with him. Then, when presented with a watered down version of what he had done, he lied strategically and robustly and recruited a professional to assist his sex mate to lie strategically and robustly, in order to get elected. Then, after being elected, when caught in his lie, he flies home from an historic innaugral event, at the taxpayers' expense, to humbly admit a few, but not all, of the lies. Then he goes into hiding while Storm Large and Pink Martini beg for his forgiveness. Not, at any point in this process, has he been upfront, honest and direct. Not, at any point in this process, has he put the interests of the City of Portland first. Basically, he is a sexual predator, who engaged in a thoughtful deceit and got caught. Lied about it . Got elected because of a high quality lie. Got caught again. And offers a shitty, revised version of the lie he told to get elected and wants us to forgive and forget. I'm not buying the crap he's selling and I hope Portland doesn't either.

Do you rub up against his groin? Where do you put your hands?

Glad to hear that it's not about the sex.

To the Crank:

There ARE gays (like me) in this city who are FED up with Sam and want him to go. Bless Marty Davis at Just Out for being sensible and seeing the facts AND the lies and calling for Sam to quit; and much love to the poster here who pointed out a higher standard is being set in Obama.

The problem is, I supposed like every community, you have a few loud, media-hungry, self-proclaimed leaders who say they represent everyone in that community. It's frustrating for many I know, and we feel cowed into silence. But we post, we talk, we vote too. And it will be our turn when they need volunteers for the recall effort.

Has he explained what this half billion dollar "jobs package" is? I can't wait to find out.

We really are going to go bankrupt.

Glad to hear that it's not about the sex.

If it's with a minor, then it is about the sex, among other things.

"In a brief interview Saturday night, Adams said he did not remember whether he and Breedlove kissed after they had lunch -- noting that he often kisses people in greeting and farewells -- but then cut off the conversation."

Hmmm. Do these kisses and greetings and farewell usually last a minute and occur in the bathroom? And there are so many of them that he has forgotten? Um, I guess that explains cutting off the conversation.

Why single out "Scoutmasters"? You could call him Father Adams


Which gets me thinking. Do you think Beau will sue Sam and the city for psychological damage done to him as a victimized teen, the way the altar boys did to the Church?

Meanwhile, on the Scoutmaster point, there's this.

Breedlove told The Oregonian that he was a willing participant, not a victim. So no lawsuit, unless he's still being coached/pressured/prevailed upon to lie.

An underage person may not be able to give legal consent.

gayforsam2go, I'm gratified by your comments, as they indicate that you and some other folks in the gay community understand the stakes here. The longer Sam stays in office, the more damage he will do to Portland and the advancement of gay causes. Thomas Lauderdale doesn't seem to get this, even though he has a degree from Harvard.

Breedlove can file a lawsuit, sure. But what are his damages if he claims he was a willing participant?

Just a comment on the implication that Saltzman is a bought-and-paid-for politician (Jack, got any evidence to back up that assertion?)

My personal experience with him was much different. He came to my door on a cold morning one weekend this past fall, alone, campaigning on his own for the Children's Levy ballot measure.

Call me crazy but I'd like to think that Saltzman is a good guy unless I'm given specific evidence to the contrary.

Two words: aerial tram.

I missed the opening quotation mark, so on first reading I only saw What's a Little Sex if He's Almost 18".

Which was scary.

I think Salzman and Vera are cut from the same cloth -- good hearted people who are just too easily played by the sharks. I don't think either should be defamed. What we need to do is to build up some civic organizations in favor of fiscal sustainability and good government. What if Blackmer had a posse?

The City Club is just a Westside fan club for whatever craziness is being promoted next, and the League of Women Voters ain't what it used to be. Do we need to start a new one? Or, is there an existing franchise we could adopt?

"The guy's qualified to be a greeter at Wal Mart."

But presumably not if he's found guilty of a sexual offense against a minor, right?

When I was 14, I had a terrible crush on my 38 year old teacher. I used to volunteer after to school to help his with projects in the lab. One day, "magic" happened, and he leaned over me and kissed me!! I was so surprised and also so smitten. I had hoped that the attention he gave me was personal to me, and when he kissed me, I knew it was. After that came more kissing and more touching. I guess you could say I was a "willing" participant, couldn't you.

The entire experience ultimately was devastating for me and I nearly died from progressive rounds of anorexia.

Did I love him? Yes, and I sadly thought we would be together in this fantasy that became a reality. Did he love me?
well, here's how it ended. He had 5 kids of his own and a wife. One day, he called me and asked me to over and babysit...the catch was that he would still be there...I by this time, getting really ill from the shame and worry, declined...he didn't miss a beat...he said, well, can your sister come??

Is Sam like this pedophile? yes, because he knew it was wrong, but he wanted what he wanted and didn't stop himself.

Is it homophobia? I doubt it...I'm gay and I can promise you, that if this was a het man, or gay woman, or black police chief....there would be blood.

this all sickens me and I hope we can bring him down. It is not ok to kiss kids, even ones that look old. gross!

"For me it's a weariness in the skull to the point that I wonder if it's brain damage. 8 years!"

In the professional purview of psychologists and sociologists, that exact question -- "brain damaged?" -- is being discussed (and a majority converging in consensus, as 'Probable') to diagnose all Americans/society as suffering Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and seeking remedy, caused in Chimp's Nine-Eleven Op.

"8 long years I waited for our lives to return to normal ..."

All who loudly (or in silence) consented behind Bushbutchery massmurders, lies, and cover up, now have scant standing to PROSECUTE CHARGING Adams for consenting sex, lies, and cover up.

All who loudly (or in silence) consented behind Bushbutchery massmurders, lies, and cover up, now have scant standing to DEFEND EXCUSING Adams for consenting sex, lies, and cover up.

Whose taxes support any LIARS in politics, have little standing in their political observations and judgment, either way, Nay or Yay. Until we elect the honest representatives who drive out the LIARS, the current Establishment's systemic lying disgraces all of us and all our politics.

Somewhere 'in between' corruptions of President and Mayor is the case of Governor Blagojevich of Illinois. In that case, many with keen political acumen and knowledge are suspending judgment of the governor so far, but bringing forward charges of corrupt conduct by prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.

January 5, 2009 -- The Fitzgerald-Chertoff game to destabilize American politics on behalf of neocon cause - Open season on Democratic governors is evidence of dirty federal law enforcement officials, among them Patrick Fitzgerald and the Attorney General of the United States.
Based on his withholding incriminations of conspirators in the first World Trade Center bombing, (fresh-Clinton Feb. '93), and in Karl Rove & Scooter Libby's treason outing Plame; and based on Fitzgerald bringing unsubstantiated incriminations -- selectively neo-con, against Jersey City's mayor and, now, Illinois' governor. Prosecutor Fitzgerald (misconduct) has made no case, no charges, and no indictment with arraignment against 'Blaggo,' and has only made a squidish Public Relations inkblot which now divides Americans arguing against ourselves over what to see in it and what it means.

But then, Mayor Sam is one of our own, (as if Chimp is not), a local issue for local voters. So is LIARS Larson -- can we hear some political outrage regarding his lies, EITHER WAY, Yay or Nay? ... lest we keep on in silent consent and an unprincipled-politics milieu "waiting" for that hate-talk loudmouth nightmare to pop himself voluntarily.

I knew it was only a matter of time before we got to hear about LIARS and Bushbutchery. God, how I love to type Bushbutchery.

Tensk, you just can't help yourself. Have you ever considered not tuning in to Lars ? I go weeks and months without hearing his show, and don't miss it a bit.

The O reported yesterday that Sam "did a lot of soul searching last week". Yeah, right. He had no intention whatsoever of leaving office, he's much too arrogant for that. I voted for Sam when he ran for city council, but by the time he ran for mayor, I had seen the light. No, I didn't vote for Sho, I wrote in Randy Leonard's name on the ballot.

Sam doesn't give a damn about the "little people" in Portland. But he sure loves his relationships with the developer weasels and PDC sycophants. I thought he was Vera in pants, but he's actually a SERIOUS predator sleezebag and liar and he needs to walk, no run away from City Hall. Toute Suite!

Thanks, Cabbie. I've been in remission. Only relapsed a couple of times.

(btw, if you haven't tuned in lately, give a listen to hear the sound of worried whimper laying low)

...lest we keep on in silent consent and an unprincipled-politics milieu "waiting" for that hate-talk loudmouth nightmare to pop himself voluntarily.



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