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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sam the Tram has the clipboard out again

Remember when the newly minted Portland commissioner went out and visited 100 businesses in 100 days? He's at it again now that he's mayor. Adams and the boys did such a good job his first time around that now he's encountering vacant storefronts. But hey, some day they'll all be filled with green, sustainable something or other, and we'll all be happy -- just wait.

I love the photo. Adams is saying "Streetcars? Got it. Convention Center hotel? New soccer and minor league baseball stadiums? Check." The guy on the right is thinking "Tualatin."

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"I personally think [a new baseball stadium] would be a great addition to the city, well worth the public investment."
- Jack Bogdanski, http://www.bojack.org/2005/11/a_whole_new_ballgame.html

"If the true cost of [building a new baseball stadium] really is in the $500 million to $700 million range, I'd want the team to pick up whatever it cost beyond $350 million."
- Comment thread, same post, posted by Jack Bog | November 28, 2005 10:16 AM

Wait a minute Jack, you must have missed this quote, "There cannot be sacred cows," he said during a stop at Weir's Cyclery.

So that means that streetcars will be looked at too. Oh wait, it means they will have money thrown at them and things like roads will be left to rot. Sorry, I read it wrong.

So the scam wants to make his mayor-ship a risk-taker. He also will take responsibility for his mistakes. Is this a Bushido government, that he will fall on his sword as in Hara Kari?
Or is this more scamming,and lip service?
Portland voters are just so DUM.

"insufficient city programs that favor small businesses downtown."

God if that is true we are in trouble.

Every small business downtown is in a world of hurt while they are turning downtown into one big bus/train station with bad access/parking.

New store fronts for all. Bring the bricks. I was scared to park my car on the street in St. Johns last week. [Sarah Anderson of Anna Bananas Cafe] said "simple things such as helping building owners replace old windows would reduce heating costs and help make the spaces more hospitable."

This arrogant fool, SCAM ADAMS, will bankrupt this City. Along with other fiscal idiots on the City Council like Fireboy Randy and clueless Saltzman, these people will take this City down the tubes. Count on it!

It's good that he's out there, but "green businesses" are the new "biotech jobs," i.e. something that sounds hip and cool and that you can just kind of throw out there without having to provide any details on how exactly it's going to happen. Remember when SoWa was going to provide 5,000 NEW biotech jobs?? Yeah, me too.

"green businesses" are the new "biotech jobs," i.e. something that sounds hip and cool and that you can just kind of throw out there without having to provide any details on how exactly it's going to happen

right. what's worse, when you challenge the paradigm, you get scowls. it's the most vague religion I've ever seen.

as if the key to "green" is slightly different purchasing decisions. truth is, most people think that's exactly what green is--all about purchasing decisions and businesses. it's like eating corn syrup instead of fat to lose weight.

Remember when SoWa was going to provide 5,000 NEW biotech jobs??

it was 10,000. seriously. that "promise" got quietly buried over time. nobody wants to discuss it.

You've got to love the irony of the photo . . . "Once in a Blue Moon . . ."

They have to change the business license fee to be in line with Clackamas and Washington counties. In Tigard we pay $100 a year. In Portland we were paying $3500 a year. They've started steps to get it in line, but it hasn't yet been cut in half and, in our case, it would still be seventeen times higher than here in Tigard.

I get a kick out of some of the small business owners buying into Sam's sale pitch: "You have to look at the whole picture. YOU'LL eventually benefit from my Convention Center Hotel, my new baseball stadium, my trolley in Central Eastside, my lightrail to Milwaukie, my.......".

There needs are immediate. Their potholes are real. Trickle down, if any, will be too late.

"Once in a Blue Moon . . ."
That's how often someone comes in to buy a typewriter.

Don't the Zip cars fit in somewhere? Oops, forgot, that is sleepy Ted's indulgence.

Green jobs, blue jobs, red jobs, brown jobs - who gives a damn what color they are? In this economy, the fact that those in charge in this pathetic state are still picky about the types of job that they pursue makes me wonder how they were elected.

How about a new strategy - maybe our "leaders" should do everything they can to attract any company that will provide jobs to local residents at decent wages. If that means they aren't in "sustainable" or "green" industries, so what? I'm tired of seeing good people lose good jobs in what's left of Oregon's virtually non-existent manufacturing sector.

If they're unsuccessful, so be it, but at least try, and don't limit yourselves to jobs that fit the hardcore left's version of political correctness.

Hey "Quotable," major league baseball (best in the world) would have been worth it. "Major league" soccer (third-rate by world standards) and yet another minor league baseball stadium clearly are not.

Instead of major league baseball, we got the convention center expansion and the first Civic Stadium re-do. Both utterly worthless. Not to mention the SoWhat debacle, still unfolding -- for that amount of money, you could have built two major league baseball stadiums.

Green jobs are heavily subsidized jobs that are not sustainable.

Unfortunately for Oregon, Kulongoski, Adams and the rest of the controlling elites are opposed and obstruct every new job that would generate new revenue instead of devouring it.

Claims representing 8000 new M49 dwellings waiting endlessly for express approval.

Logging/Mill and related jobs from additional & sustainable logging in rural communities.

Polamar pipeline and LNG terminal would provide 1000 jobs and millions in tax revenue.

he went banko on his loans. The guy is a piece of S***.
Now he thinks he can make the right bold decisions to help business. Try making a payroll first!

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