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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sam Adams: the "education mayor"?

Even he admits that that was a bad joke.

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Bad jokes? How about in the second paragraph: "but will take a back seat"

there should be some type of zoning law that forbids sam from getting near any school - something like the laws with stiffer penalties for dealing drugs or prositution near schools....

Another Mentoring the Young ??? NOT!!!

This statement is precious:

"One of the lessons of me is that when you make a mistake, you've got to own up to it and you've got to make amends," Adams said. "In this case, amends for me is improving the graduation rate."

So one his ways of making amends is to keep doing what he said he was going to do. "One way to make amends is to do nothing different." How long until he channels Ghandi, King, and Mandela like Blago did?

It's funny how the pedos love education so much. Didn't Goldschmidt found SMART-Start Making a Reader Today?

If Sam's not intimately involved in this who's gonna keep the farm team going for him?

My less-than-favorite line:

"About 70 percent of white sophomores met or exceeded state standards in reading last year. That rate fell to about 50 percent for Native American students and less than 40 percent for Latino and African American students."

Thank god we have streetcars and Trams for the illiterate to ride to their creative jobs in the future. We're really going to need those construction jobs now (assuming they can do basic math and read after attending public schools.)

In the county I live in, it isn't likely that Seamy Sam would pass the background check to be a volunteer shelving books in the library. Or a SMART reader.

At a time when hope seems so high for our national political scene, these ethics/taxes/sex issues being uncovered are especially troubling. Maybe it is the way it's always been, but it's not the way most of us live our lives. I'd like to think that it is fallout from the Bush years - that maybe taking these things seriously is the point that Obama is bringing us to.

Someone needs to throw a shoe at him during a press conference.

At least Sam's self-destruction has put commons sense back in the conversation about the new bridge. That is, listening to what the traffic engineers are recomminding.

Fireman Randy is now talking a 12 lane bridge marked for 10 lanes. Adam's has lost the ability to further his plans for social engineering by traffic design.

Nick: Even though I'm a Republican, that made me laugh out loud. A case a beer and $500 dollar gift certificate from Mike Starpoli's office to the brave soul that takes that one on.

Good lord, please forgive my typing - was in a rush.

Garage Wine, I think there are two major reasons that Sam and some other politicians "love" education-the "pedos" opportunites that foster guilt and the education unions that almost insure one's win.

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