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Friday, January 30, 2009

Reader poll: Who will win on Sunday?

Pro football was good to us this season. We finished third in the underdog pool in which we play, picking up a cool $60 on a $20 entry fee. Couldn'ta done it without the help of readers of this blog.

Now that the pool is over, however, there's no gambling reason for us to ask about the ultimate contest featuring the Big Daddies of the NFL. And so this reader poll is strictly, as we used to say in the schoolyard, "for funsies":

Who will win the Super Bowl?
Arizona Cardinals
Pittsburgh Steelers
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FWIW, according to the bookies, the Steelers are favored by 6½, and the moneyline is +218, -238. But as ever, we're asking you to pick the outright winner, without benefit of the point spread.

Comments (11)

I hope that I am not the only one who would have no clue at all.

I'll pick the team your respondents consider to be the underdog. (But if others vote for what they believe is the underdog then I would have to choose the team that gets the most votes, which would be the underdog.)

Since the Cardinals vanquished my beloved Eagles( Why God? Why?) I have to root for Phoenix out of respect. Realistically though, I think the spread should be 10.

I think the moneyline translates into a 30.5 percent chance of Arizona winning.

George St. Pierre will defeat BJ Penn in the UFC PPV.

It's been the year of the dog, no matter what the Chinese say. Go Cards. I predict an upset. No matter what the outcome, I sense a dynamite game. Micro commercials should be - interesting.

Whatever the result, Ben Roethlisberger will get an excessive amount of undeserved praise. He is, in my opinion at least, the most overhyped QB in the league today.

The Cards have been told they were gonna loose every playoff game they played, yet, here they are.....an underdog again.

Cards 39-27

The game will closely mirror the Pitt/Charger game, in that the first half will be close, but Pittsburgh's halftime adjustments, plus some 3rd Quarter AZ mistakes, ensures Pitt wins by AT LEAST 10, if not 17. Book it!

Offense beats defense. Because it scores points.

It worked that way into the latest obliteration of obstructionist Republican 'blockage defense,' too.

I just hope it's reasonably close game. I've been to one Super Bowl - in Palo Alto,CA - and it was a huge blow out by the 49ers over the Broncos. It was such a lopsided game; that the 49ers were sending in all their bench players starting at the end of the third quarter, just to let them get some playing time in the game.

Dave A, You got your wish!! And then some!!!

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