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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reader poll: Predict the next Supreme Court retirement

Now that Obama is President, it's about time for some retirements on the U.S. Supreme Court. Who will be the first to announce that he or she is stepping down?

Who will be the first Supreme Court justice to announce his or her retirement?
More than one will announce at the same time
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Comments (8)

I voted my hope, Kennedy, (since that seems to be the theme du jour) because that is the one likely retirement that would completely change the calculus of the court.

I saw Justice Kennedy in person a few months ago. He neither looked nor sounded like a fellow thinking about retiring any time soon.

I think Souter, Ginsberg and Stevens will all retire since they feel safe about their replacements.

I went with Thomas. A man can dream can't he? If you zoom in on the photo below (a mere 1,474 megapixels) you can see the m***n sleepwalking through history.

I see John Paul Stevens is leading the votes cast so far. I've said it here before - his older brother is reportedly still practicing law. He also looked pretty good to me at the inauguration when he swore in Joe Biden for VP.

Judge for yourself here.

Well, there's no way in hell that either Scalia or Thomas are leaving: they'll be having too much fun crying about their victimization by Democrats. The only way either of them are going to leave and give up their Peter Principle posts is by dying or by being caught in bed with each other. (And if that image doesn't make you want to puke up everything you've ever eaten since that chocolate chip birthday cookie you ate in third grade, then I did my job.)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has pancreatic cancer.

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