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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Portland nuked

Check out image 16 of this slideshow.

What's crazy is there's no story to go with it. Just a disturbing, and crude, series of images. Go figure.

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Whoever the artist is, doesn't understand the physical properties of a nuclear blast very well.

Specifically, if the mushroom cloud was already that high, none of the skyscrapers would be there due to the overpressure wave travelling out at over 1000 kph, and exerting several thousand PSI on everything within about a mile's radius.

Other fun facts: human lungs crush at 30 PSI, and brick houses collapse at around 15 PSI.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Also, now that I've seen the whole slideshow, this looks like an extremely low-rent ripoff of the CBS drama "Jericho" with a bit of a brit spin on it.

Interestingly, though, our mayor is radioactive.

Hope I am in Beaverton that day.

I'm sitting pretty. My office is easily three or four blocks away from ground zero and I usually don't show up for work until after 9am anyway.

Couple of things:

--The source (The Telegraph) is a hard-right British daily.
--Check out the peculiar flag in slide 2 and the "Union of North America" logo in the bottom right-hand corner of slide 24.

This definitely has the flavor of something produced by wacky right-wing conspiracy mongers, the black-helicopter crowd convinced that US sovereignty is about to be extinguished.

Sorry, the odd flag is in slide 23.

That "photo" represents what Sam the Tongue is doing to PDX.....

That's not a nuke. That's city hall when Sam finally loses it in council.

On the side is a tab for part 1 of "Operation Blackjack". Those slides give a little more background to this "story", but not much.

Union of North America? Given the sites of the (fictional) attacks, it would appear that our neighbor in the Great White North was conquering the US and Mexico. Which, when I take off my tin-foil hat, seems quite plausible given the vast majority of Canada's population is poised on the border and armed (though mostly with hockey sticks and curling brooms).

Man, Sam Adams smooches one 18-year-old and lies about it and the world goes to pieces.

Looks like they'll never get that headquarters hotel built now.

And we were so close to living the dream there.

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