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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Opie surfaces in Bend

His adoring fans at Willy Week have the exclusive story, as usual.

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His task, through consultation and a written paper due by May, is to map out Portland’s efforts in battling homelessness for other cities.

I assume these cities want to know how not to end homelessness. (Maybe they want to learn how to battle the homeless.)

He let every voter down when he bailed in the middle of his third term. Any responsible person, no matter how burnt out, would have honored his contract with the public and served the remainder of his term.

Three building sales and a mass of evictions in our neighborhood were in the works while Sten was still supposed to be in office, in the months before he left, but he had very obviously checked out already. He did not respond to letters or e-mails soliciting his or his office's help and his office replied to only one letter (re. the Chavez street naming) two months after it had been sent. At least Leonard's office DID reply and offered suggestions and assistance and they were not even responsible for housing.

Decent public servants don't just walk away from a job when they become tired of it and their term of service is not complete. Only pouty children take their football and go home before the game is over.

Glad his son has "fallen in love" with Bend.

Anybody know how generous a pension he is drawing for his public "service"?

How does a five-year old "fall in love with Bend?" Most five-year olds of my acquaintance are happy wherever they are if the adults around them are ...

I agree with NW Portlander; absent health issues, it's not cool to bail on your term of office.

Anybody know how generous a pension he is drawing

He can't draw PERS until he retires, and even as a Tier 1 he can't retire unless he has 30 years or is (55 or 58, can't remember). He's 41, and at most he has 16-17 years service, so he's looking at pulling a pension sometime in the 2020s. If he doesn't go back into government, it would be around $20-25k.

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