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Friday, January 30, 2009

No longer BFF

Fireman Randy joins Mark Wiener in throwing Sam the Sleaze under the bus. Meanwhile, KATU reports that a confidante of Beau Breedlove and Breedlove's own father both say they think Sam broke the law with teeny Beau back in the spring of 2005.

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Can I recast my bet on the over/under on Sam Adams' retirement date?

Although I must say I didn't exactly see a name for this "friend of Beau" that shared these alleged facts with the Oregonian.

Sam says as soon as he learned that Breedlove was 17, he told Beau that he would not have a relationship with anyone under 18. Is Sam leaving some wiggle room to argue that he had no idea Beau was only 17 when they first had sex?

Oops. That should have been "that shared these alleged facts with KATU", not the Oregonian.

this is going to make a lot of people look very, very stupid. meaning not just Adams, but the supporters, and Fritz, and Saltzman.

and if it's true, it means Adams, like Blagojevich, is finished in politics.

c'mon, Storm Large, let's have another verse of Amazing Grace, shall we?

Amaaaazing Graaaaace....

That's it. Adams is done as mayor.
Now it's only a matter of how much longer and how much uglier it gets. His decision to pursue Breedlove was a bad idea. His decision to aggressively lie about it was a bad idea. His decision to not resign after he was exposed was a bad idea. Something tells me this isn't going to end well.

Could it be that the savviest politician in this whole affair might turn out to be the infamous Beau Breedlove? If the anonymous source is telling the truth, it seems that Breedlove is publicly backing up Adams story but is making sure the truth gets out via his friend. Then, when someone from the AG’s office confronts Beau with this contradictory information, he will be “forced” to tell the truth, thus sealing Adam’s fate. Maybe it’s not Sam that Portland needs, but Beau. HA!

Wow, what a wonderful parent. Speculating about your son's sex life with the local media. Awesome.

Too bad I don't trust Randy Leonard either!

I strongly think that most intelligent voters-irrespective of affiliation-agree that Sam is flawed cognitively, objectively bankrupt, and lacking insight.

This situation can/could/will dissolve into an absolute aberration of the fundamental relationship one desires with government.

Adams: "I've learned an important lesson, to never lie, to always be honest. That's the biggest lesson."

So up to now he hasn't known this?

Gosh, Sam, most of us learned this during our terrible twos, from mom and dad, when we tried to lie about having our hand in the candy jar. But even though it's been quite late in coming, I'm so glad you've assured us that you do finally get it. We can now put this all behind us and get on with life as if nothing happened.

We need a name for this scandal. Too bad Tailgate already happened.

Posting on the KATU thread, Jim Nordblom wins the silver medal for the single most whackadoodle dingbat writing on the whole affair:

"Could you possibly do something about removing Sam Adams' picture posted on top? This photo (or perhaps, the man) truly makes me cringe. I feel personally violated by him, just because of the embarrassment to my state.
Thank you for your consideration, and thank you for your fearless reporting.
I have known KATU in it's various guises, since I was a child (I am now, by the Grace of God, 63). It has been a great experience, KATU, for all of us."

Mr. McDonald, do you mean Tailhook?

You're right. The aviation term.
Maybe Tailgate is still available.

Tailgate: The Sam Adams Scandal

And maybe this friend of Beau's with the text messages is the Deep Throat character, although there are probably several candidates for that nickname here.

I was wondering why Sam wasn't more aggressive in his denials. Now will he resign?

Lars Larson is scheduled to speak at the next city council meeting. That should be interesting.

What's the Mayor's favorite cocktail?

A Beau-teeny, of course.

How to make a Beau-teeny:

1. Become a respected leader in the community.

2. Seek out lots of opportunities to meet 16 and 17 year olds, talk about "improving education" if anybody asks why you're so interested in children.

3. When a particularly attractive child expresses an inappropriate sexual interest, take them in the bathroom and stick your tongue down their throat.

4. Ask them if they can keep a secret.

5. If they say yes, screw their brains out for several weeks, then take a date to their 18th birthday party.

6. Screw their brains out for one last weekend after they turn 18th, because that teeny magic is gone.

7. Accuse your ex boyfriend of rape if he threatens to squeal on you.

8. Accuse everybody of homophobia, retain a good criminal defense attorney, start a legal defense fund.

9. Make sure Beau doesn't talk about the jailbait orgasms (find him a good job, and continue to help him out).

10. Deny all contact before age 18.

Hey, why are you guys surprised, he's a sociopath and will tell the truth if only necessary.

However, Sam has his plan for dealing with this - Just act like nothing happened. He made his apology and you fools should be happy.

God, his staff must be having some real fun now - what the hell do they talk about around Sammy? Of course, he always has Dan and Amanda to cover his back side (oops again.)

The thing about Randy and Sam having a "secret" door between their offices is fascinating, though.

I still think he'll skate on this though, you've got to remember the average Portland voter and who they've elected so far.

You know I'm starting to get a hunch when Sam is lying. He gets pious and noble-sounding with a bragging flavor. Remember when he said he never told anybody from his staff at city hall that this was happening, and none of them knew....well, that's starting to have the ring of BS to it. I detected a little bit of "See what a great leader I am - I protect my people."

Just a hunch.

"You know I'm starting to get a hunch when Sam is lying"

I've known a person like Sam Adams and they are always "lieing" because from their perspective it is the truth for them. They can't handle the truth. They're sociopaths incapable of even knowing what the truth is. They do well for awhile but eventually they crash and burn and it's ugly. Classic Narcissitic personality disorder.

You know I'm starting to get a hunch when Sam is lying.

Me too, Hercule, when his lips are moving.

Actually, that's when he's either lying or...

...never mind.


Now what we need are pictures of the two together. A little bird in the know told me they are out there - I wonder when they'll surface?

The anonymous informant was a high school classmate of Beau's. The comments were apparently made to this guy when Beau was 17 . . . not recently. He said he didn't think anything of them at the time.

I don't mean to make light of a very serious blah, blah, blah, but I'm at the point where this is a farcical screenplay. My favorite new imaginary scene is when Sam was told or saw on KATU, the report from Beau's friend. I picture him working in the Mayor's office telling one of his advisors, "Okay, it was a tough week, but all and all it went pretty well. What's next week look like?"
"Better, although we do have Lars Larson coming into the council meeting."
Sam frowns and takes another sip of his latte. Suddenly the door bursts open and another advisor sprints in, "Turn on your TV! Beau texted a friend of his claiming it was underage sex."
That's when Sam does a spit take with the latte blasting out his nose and across the desk.
The first advisor turns away from the TV and says wearily, "And they disguised the kid's appearance so we can't even offer him a city job to shut up."
Fade out.

Sex and lies and now photos?
Sam should go. It is just too bad that when he does Fireman Randy will then be mayor!
Will Neil sublet his apartment in Paris so Sam can get away?

This so reminds me of the kid who gets caught eating boogers, desperately tries to wipe or flick the evidence away, but it keeps sticking to his fingers . . .

Will Neil sublet his apartment in Paris so Sam can get away?"

Joni would second that . . .

"I was a free man in Paris,
I felt unfettered and alive,
There was nobody calling me up for favors
And no one's future to decide . . ."

I'd be willing to bet there are pictures of something somewhere. Knowing teenagers as I do, they can't resist taking cellphone pics and sending them back and forth. Facebook or MySpace is generally the final destination. I'd be really surprised if there isn't a photo or two bouncing around cyberspace even as we speak. Could be wrong but ya never know.

throwing Sam . . . under the bus

And yet so many claim that mass transit is a waste of money.

Attached to the story on K2's website regarding this story a person commenting on it referred to Breedlove as "Beaulita".

Pretty damned funny.

Randy's statements will all make better sense after the other scandals hit the press.

Nothing says innocent romance better than making out in the bathroom with a kid 25 years younger than you.

Where is Coach Garver to translate for Sam?

"throwing Sam . . . under the bus?

And yet so many claim that mass transit is a waste of money.

In a more perfect world, that bus would be running on a snow route, with CHAINS!

I can just see Mary Fetsch explaining Sam's demise as the equivalent of Tri-Met "by-catch".

...if only...

Sam's a new meaning for the BusKids.

KATU - "According to Breedlove's friend, after that admission, Beau sent him a text message telling him that the sexual relationship started when Beau was still 17 years old."

The nice thing about this story is that John Kroger can (and should) subpoena Beau's phone records and text messages from the phone company. Since they keep text messages, this could be the admission that forces Beau to come clean and tell the truth like he originally wanted to (prior to Sam's mentoring).

If John Kroger doesn't subpoena these records, we know he's part of the Mark Wiener conspiracy (the sleazy political consultant that helped both Sam Adams and John Kroger get elected -- and helped Sam Adams cover up his lies and predatory behaviour).

As for me, I'm calling the whole thing "Wiener Gate."

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