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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Makes sense

A reader writes: "The woman who delivered eight babies at one whack has a bachelor's degree in child development."

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I just don't understand.

Here's more from the Austin Statesman via AP:


The children's grandmother, Angela Suleman, said that her daughter, 33-year-old Nadya Suleman, had embryos implanted last year, and never intended to give birth to eight, but "they all happened to take." Angela Suleman said her daughter rejected an offer from doctors to abort some of the embryos.

She had decided to have the fertility treatment in hopes, her mother said Friday, of getting "just one more girl."

"And look what happened. Octuplets. Dear God," said Angela Suleman.

She said her daughter "is not evil, but she is obsessed with children. She loves children, she is very good with children, but obviously she overdid herself."

Angela Suleman said her daughter is divorced, and said the ex-husband wasn't the father of the octuplets.

Nadya Suleman's six other children are ages 7, 6, 5 and 3, plus 2-year-old twins.

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe...

hmmm, I don't see any fresh Adams post on her blog.

Is the mother's name Suleman or Nkrumah?

Whichever...Please don't let her go to graduate school!

Excuse me, Chukwu or Suleman?

Unknown father, or known father?

That is fantastic. A single, unemployed mother of 14 children. Well, the State of California can support them... oh wait their insolvent.

There are people out there who have - shall we say - unconventional desires. These schemes very seldom take into consideration the welfare of the desired object; they are all about the seeker.

I used to work with a guy whose wife (then ex-wife) was addicted to being pregnant. She would sleep with anyone to achieve her goal but once she gave birth, she had no interest in the baby . . . just wanted to get pregnant again.

I remember asking him what the deal was. Did she like the attention she got? Good hormone rush? He never figured it out.

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