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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jumping ship

WW reports that Sleazy Sam's main p.r. guy just quit.

Smart move. One wonders if hizzoner's "new media" p.r. expert will be next.

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Popcorn get your Popcorn!

When will Amy Fraud Ruiz resign ?

what kind of courageous, visionary leader records a quick video at night, alone, in an empty hallway, as a means of communicating with citizens about his intentions?


All links to staff members now appear to have been removed from the Mayor's webpage.

I've been wondering about Wade ever since it looked like Sam was toast. Wade is a nice guy, and took the buyout at The Oregonian, apparently thinking he had a great job lined up. Too bad.

It says a lot when your actions force the people around you start to jump ship, and you refuse to resign yourself.

Way to lead, Sam!

The sound on that video of Sam sounds like it was recorded in a men's room.

I think the phrase "worked under Sam Adams" is going to be on a lot of resumes this year. and bathroom walls.

hmm. I should've left that one for Bill McDonald.

Could we please get a new over and under on when Sam will be leaving office?

My guess is he won't make it till Friday. I hate to be such a gawker, but this is one of the best train wrecks I've ever seen.

As someone that has done some video work on a semi-professional level, I can only ask the following of future heartfelt youtube postings coming out of City Hall:

1. Mix in some acoustical dampening. Even if you just hang a quilt on the wall, ditch the echo.

2. If you're gonna have Sam laser-beam the cue cards that someone is clearly holding up behind the camera guy with his eyes, get a different camera angle or two and edit them in with a hard cut. This isn't HDTV we're talking about, so I'm pretty sure you can dig up another 10 year old DV camera. It was distracting having him look like he's constantly looking at my hair, or something on the ceiling. Teleprompters fix this, but they are also not something that one dime of taxpayer money should be spent on.

Speaking of not spending taxpayer money on frivolous and unnecessary things, how about we stop with the YouTube messages altogether.

Who's next? The Sustainability Director from the Merc?

It must be killing the mayor to see that Wade Nkrumah is being hailed as a 1st class mensch.

Still betting on next month.

It's not enough of a train wreck for him yet.

I can't say I blame Mr. Nkrumah. Portland has become a laughingstock around the country. Who wants to be known as the flack for that?

Wade is a decent, hard working guy. He will be way better off away from Sam.
Maybe he can get a job with WW?

one thing's for sure:

Nkrumah didn't take an Oregonian buyout to accept a high-profile, $80k/yr. job with connections--then leave it a few weeks later--unless he had a very, very good reason.

here's another example of a fellow public servant (Leonard, then Fish, then Wyden, now Nkrumah)acting to confirm publicly that Adams is "out of touch with reality."

This whole scandal will be the focus of Bill O'reilleys show tonight. Should be interesting.

Gee, that "First 100 Days" agenda has disappeared from hizzoner's website, too.

This whole scandal will be the focus of Bill O'reilleys show tonight. Should be interesting.

I'll be damned. I didn't know that Sam Adams was part of the War on Christmas.

I'll be damned. I didn't know that Sam Adams was part of the War on Christmas.

Yuk, yuk...

That's the point - with Adams you just never know.

This isn't a train wreck - this is a street car wreck. No, wait...better yet...

This is a tram wreck.

the "First 100 Days" is now about 20% over.

time for another gimmick.

...And the first post-lie City Council meeting is tomorrow at 9:30am.

let's see how courageous council members are.

This wreck looks kinda like a rear-ender, hit and run to me.

There's got to be some kind of daily award for the best comment on this blog!

"veiledorchid" definitely gets my vote today!

Jack: You are correct. SCAM ADAMS is making Portland into the laughing stock of the nation. And even if you don't like Bill O'Reilly's Show, it has HUGE cable ratings and will be seen by millions nationwide.

What does he need a PR guy for? You can see Sam's strategy now - Everyone ignore the elephant in the room.

Just like any other dysfunctional family - Don't talk about it, don't notice it, don't apologize for it, don't acknowledge it.

Rats jump ships. I don't know much about Nkrumah, but he seems to have more integrity than his former boss.

It's too bad O'Reilly's getting into this. His right-wing crankiness is going to galvanize the Adams supporters and push some liberal people into their ranks. Very few Portlanders are going to change their minds toward getting rid of Sam based on anything O'Reilly says. And being so far away from the situation, I doubt that he'll get all the important facts out, or even that he'll get what he does use right.

My date in the pool has passed - but I think the hubris demonstrated by hizzoner means never having to say you're sorry, and never ever resigning. That pride was a factor many of us failed to use in our calculus regarding resignation day.

Adams refused to comment on Wade's exodus, using his new favorite line that he will only comment on city business.

So losing his PR man has nothing to do with city business.

Methinks that anything he doesn't want to respond to will soon fall into that category.

Maybe this guy left because he had a less than platonic relationship with Sam? Perhaps Sam was cheating on him by dating a younger man? We don't really know, but with Sam, *ANYTHING* goes...

C: Wade is a decent guy. Wish the same could be said for you. Your unfounded insinuations disgust me.

I never thought I'd be caught dead saying this (I really am not fond of the show) but O'Reilly was actually fairly evenhanded. The battle of the pretty blonde lawyers (I forget their names) pretty much followed the response you see around town on blogs of varying political perspectives. One thought there was no wrongdoing (the kid was over 18); the other said the under 18 kisses could cause Adams legal trouble. Neither discussed the lying issue in any depth.

C: Wade is a decent guy. Wish the same could be said for you. Your unfounded insinuations disgust me.

Everything to do with Adams disgusts me...

...including the poisonous atmosphere of distrust his selfish, amoral pandoras's box of lies has created.

Just another one of those irreplaceable qualities that make him so indispensible to the Sambots, I guess.

Well done, Mr. Mayor!

"... the poisonous atmosphere of distrust his selfish, amoral pandoras's box of lies has ..." -- speaking for yourself, like a Personals ad.

Here's possibly a silver lining under a dark cloud. All the City Hall peeps "too wigged out to stay" might quit their jobs; don't replace them. Let Portlanders go without services -- permits, licenses, whatever.

Portlanders would say that's normal. All other Oregonians would poke fun at Portland's paralysis, and that's normal too. But, think of the money saved by shrinking government so small it don't work. For only the cost of a mayor's salary.

(Nobody was up in Accounting, so now the pensions all fell off the books. Surely the unions will understand.)

"Your unfounded insinuations disgust me."

Ms Ames - How would you compare those to Bob Ball's "unfounded" accusations?

I am not disparaging Mr Nkrumah and I think that was a crude comment also, but Adams' conduct has tainted everything he will do or say from now on.

Before this, at the time of Sam's original lie to get elected, his chief of staff stated the entire office was like one big locker room with overtly sexual comments.

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