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Sunday, January 25, 2009

It never fails

As soon as I wash the car, it snows.

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We got 1.5" in South Burlingame.

Which is less than Beau Breedlove got before his 18th Birthday, if you believe they "just kissed" after dinner at the Lotus.

I would love to see that bar tab.

Could you please stop washing your car till April?

For the sake of our city Street Dept budget, I beg of Jack,
"Please vow to leave your car DIRTY for the next few months,
or at least until Rose Festival when the seasonal rains
are guaranteed."

___ora et labora___

Yeah. And as soon as I snow, people start complaining about having just washed their cars.

You should have washed your streetcar instead.

Could be worse: if it's a Sunday and it's snowing outside that must mean I'm going to be late for work again.

You should actually wash your car more often; the problem would diminish.

Jack, you'll be glad to know that your personal influence reaches in to Salem. Nothing is sticking yet, but we are seeing white fluffy flakes.

In anticipation of Jack washing his car, I got out of town for the weekend. No snow here in San Francisco, but it's damn chilly.

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