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Monday, January 19, 2009

Inaugural speech preview

My friend Steve Stark forecasts another dud.

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Obama set aside some uninterrupted time over the weekend to devote to his speech. That was the report on morning news. It will be inspirational and historic. What more do you want? This problem filled time requires action. I see the inaugural as the equivalent of the National Anthem played immediately before the kick off. Strap on that helmet, and don't forget your cup. Now that's an inaugural line.

The Inaugural speech is no more than canned hyperbole and reneging of the empty campaign promises. In other words more BS, political style, which under the laws of the USA is lawful permissible lying. I wonder how long it will be before we get W's reworked speeches?
If you expect better you will lose.

Stark writes: The major problem with an inauguration speech, of course, is that it isn't delivered in prime time, so few actually hear it. If Obama really wanted his words to reach the masses — and give the nation a change they could believe in, if only because they'd actually experience it — he'd move his address to the evening (much like the World Series and so many other events have done), and then do his serious partying at the inaugural balls afterward.

I'm not opening my business Tuesday morning until after the inauguration is over. I know of others doing the same and I understand many schools are setting up televisions for the event. The Bagdad Theater is going to screen it.

And by the way, the World Series should be played in the daytime, too.

I'm taking the day off tomorrow to watch it. It's been a helluva two years. Now it's time to celebrate.

I will be glued to the TV!
I too know of businesses opening later or making provisions to see or at least hear the inauguration.
This is real history and we all need this message of hope and change.
Let us all try, at least for a little while, to suspend our collective cynicism and be nice for a change.

Everything Stark says is true -- for any other inauguration. This will be the most watched inauguration in history and will remain so for many decades to come. I hope he is up to it.

That was quite a dud, perhaps the most moving dud I have ever heard. Cynics out there, it's gonna be a long four/eight years. The rest of us have witnessed a moment of redemption. A new day has dawned, even for the cynical.

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