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Thursday, January 22, 2009

If you're going to have an aerial tram...

... then you can't have a first-rate hospital. More great choices, Portland!

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False dichotomy, but nice try anyway. OHSU is a crap institution with or without the tram.

OHSU is a fourth tier medical school and a passable hospital. The real crime in recent years is that they hoodwinked people into believing that you could start a biotech center with a paltry 300 million and zero decent research schools nearby.

Oregon's higher ed is a joke. Always has been, always will be.

This wouldn't have happened if the courts had let them continue to commit medical malpractice with impunity.

As misguided OHSU is, it's not a joke. OHSU has, or at least had, great general practice and rural medicine programs. Those fields are OHSU's core strength and purpose. That's what we need for Oregon's aging, rural, and other medically-underserved populations. Biotech, health spas, virus research, and the activities of the OHSU Real Estate Development Department simply don't advance Oregon's health priorities.

It's a given that the same people who made the bad choices, i.e. three new buildings in less than 10 years and a multimillion dollar tram to nowhere, will still have their jobs and the people who just come to work everyday and try to make OHSU a viable educational institution will be out of a job. I would bet not one vice president making a six figure salary will lose his or her job.

Irene, you said it all!
I bet none of those 'administrators' will cut their salaries! OHSU hould be cutting from the top down not the bottom up!

This whole mess is just a ploy, so they can get another couple of hundred million from the weasels in Salem. Wait to hear the moaning about job loss and having to cut services to the poor. They will parade out old folks and people in wheelchairs just like they did for the I-tax. There will never be accountability, given the folks in power. Just like the Governer, they will put forth cuts to the most needy instead of dealing with the core problems then attack all who challenge their decisions. Then they will sell junk bonds at high rates so their supportors can continue high salaries and benefits.

The CEO of JAL, a top 10 airline company, makes $US 90k a year after having slashed his own pay and benefits for three years because he was forced to institute layoffs and other reductions and felt he should share the pain. He makes less than some of his pilots.

There's a CNN clip on him out there somewhere. Worth a look. Should be sent to every US CEO.

Granted, they can't afford to maintain their current staffing levels, but Pill Hill is covered in cutting edge architecture, interior design, and furnishings. Plus a whole lot of empty space.

Makes that VA Hospital look like a plain ol' healthcare facility, full of sick people. BO-ring!

Just ask the Graggster, he'll tell you that top flight design don't come cheap.

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