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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

He cuffs people, all right

We noted a short while back that Oregon's attorney general is a bit of a publicity hound. But maybe this is going too far:

A reader writes that while searching for a place to buy a home blood pressure monitor, he found himself on this page. He entered his zip code, 97024, selected "Kroger," and clicked on "Search." Try it yourself and see what comes up.

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Geez, I was just checking my Omron Pedometer after my noon walk as I clicked on the link. I almost dropped it on the floor.

It looks like that website needs work if it can'r distinguish between people and retail outlets.

Their site is stupid. It's doing a general google maps search for whatever you select above.

If their site actually worked worth a damn, they would recognize that Fred Meyer is a division of the Kroger Company, and show Freddy's locations on the map.

Too much pressure

MSF beat me to it.

Make your blood boil? Well I should say.

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