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Friday, January 9, 2009

Have a great weekend

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I got to see Hard Days Night on the big screen at Cinema 21 a few years ago.
It was a fun and funny movie with some pretty cool cinematography for its day. And the music is, well, of course, the Beatles. Interestingly, the scenes during Ringo's "escape" starkly show how badly bombed out London still was in 1963. But then I thought about it and realized it had been only 20 years since the bombing by Germany.

This video was apparently left on the cutting room floor of that film.

I was wondering about that. I didn't remember this song being in the movie, but thought it was just faulty memory on my part.

In the states, at least, it was the B side to "Can't Buy Me Love."

Listening again to the whole movie album, it's interesting that the songs are mostly John's.

You know what's interesting right now? The Jonas Brothers phenomenon. It's the first time that a band has reminded me of Beatlemania in a long, long time.
Of course, we'll say the kids can't touch John, George and Paul for great harmonies but we're supposed to think that. Believe me, these kids have a lot of talent. They are not a manufactured boy band. The one kid's been singing on Broadway since he was like 9. So they're pros. But it's the reaction from the young girls that's so reminiscent of the Beatles era. It's time for young fans to scream for joy all over again in rock and roll and you know that can't be bad. I remember thinking of the Beatles as my friends and the Jonas Brothers seem to be great, funny individuals too.

I'm just so glad the kids today have these guys to rock out to. They are exactly what was needed.

Hey dude,
I don't mean to be rude
But the Beatles are Veritas
And the Jonas Brothers Verisimilitude

The Jonas Brothers are the truth to these kids and they have something the Beatles will never have again: Now. That's just a cold sad fact.
Just as Michael Jordan will never again have what LeBron James has at this moment.

I couldn't imagine being a bigger Beatles fan than I am, but I've listened to the Jonas Brothers music and I hear something. Okay, it's pop rock but it's catchy. I don't think it's corny or wimpy. It doesn't make me cringe. I think the younger generation is damn lucky to have them. These young girls wouldn't trade them for the Beatles, I'm sure of that. They are in love with these guys and I predict their concert film next month will be huge.
Frankly, after you remember that relationship between a young crowd and teen stars, and then you see classic rockers still on stage, they just look out of it. That's why Coldplay tells the crowd they're the Jonas Brothers uncles. Being a huge hit is great but there's nothing like being young and a huge hit.

The Jonas Brothers remind me of a time when the Beatles were just a band, not a cultural influence, or members of a rock and roll museum. Just a young band of lions learning how to roar. You know...before there were words like "verisimilitude".

Our kids are into the Jonases. They're great.

I was flipping around one day and saw them on the Ellen show. She held up a teen magazine that said the Jonas Brothers consider appearing on her shows as one of the fun things of their careers so far. Ellen noted this and said, "Do you think one day you might write a song about me?" And the youngest Jonas Brother said, "But Ellen, all of our songs are about you." Sweet, deadpanned, bag humor. Kind of reminded me of something John or George could have said.

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