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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fireman Randy's "intuition"

Commissioner Leonard just appeared on our TV telling KGW that it was his "intuition" that there are more damaging revelations to come in the Sam Adams dishonesty scandal. The interview was taped yesterday.

Do you wonder whether it might be more than a hunch? What else does the Fireman know that we don't?

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I'm betting that Sam is too smart to risk a cover up, when he could have said he was just human, what’s the big deal. Yes he is a little young, but William O Douglas dated women much younger than himself too.

If Sam was smart (and I argue that he is) he would not have risked a cover up becoming worse than the alleged non-crime.

Unless there really was a crime involved!

My bet is under 18.

Booze to a minor being a second choice.

I think this pretty clearly points to a resignation. Besides, Sam didn't feel confident enough to state that he is staying on after meeting with the fantastic 4 today. It looks like his goose is cooked.

Did you see Sam trying to get into City Hall today? He couldn't unlock the door so a guard had to let him in. How weird was that?

Eventually, yes. But I suspect he isn't going to go out voluntarily.

Randy doesn't know anything secret, he just found out that if Samadams quits, he will effectively be in line to be the mayor. Why else would his solid support on Monday turn into this?

Maybe Randy is starting to think Bob Ball's original allegations weren't too far off the mark (or Beau, in this case).

Imagine how disappointed the Imwithsam crowd will be if the "admission" was full of half truths or additional deceptions?

Power abhors a vacuum.

It seems unlikely the Art/Bike lobby, the Union Bosses, and the Construction/Streetcar Mafia (aka "Stakeholders") will find a replacement candidate with Sam's ability to pander to all of them without pissing off the PBA and Arlington Club. Not on such short notice anyway.

I don't think Sho has a chance, not after the lackluster campaign he ran last time (granted, he was a late entry and Sam's Club was merciless in attacking him).

I don't know anything about Novick's ties to Portland, but I would be eager to see either Nick Fish or Jeff Cogen throw their hat in the ring. Either one of them would be better than a recycled Metro/Organizer/BPA type (Liberty, Bragdon, Bissonnette) or Rep. Bowtie on Bikes.

I would would keep Ted Wheeler in the MultCo pressure cooker until he's opened Wapato, cleaned up the S/O and funded the Sellwood replacement. But I may be the last person who actually believes he can open it. He appears to be confronting much of the damage done by the MG's.

Greg Macpherson? (too soon?)

Somebody from the Port or Tri-Met (excluding the too-close-to-Goldies)?

Erik Sten? (I just threw up a little in my mouth:)

Charlie Hales?

I don't think a first timer to elected office would stand a chance given the compressed time frame. But I would vote and campaign for you, Jack (fat chance, right?).

A P/R or advertising executive would be an unmitigated disaster, given the personnel and union issues.

If I didn't think Blackmer was part of the problem, I would think he knows the minutiae better than anyone.

Who am I forgetting? People that haven't screwed their babysitters or done time in prison excepted.

David Bragdon.

Okay, the city's in the middle of a gay sex scandal, so a local TV station debuts a show called "Straight Talk" where Randy and Nigel come on and most likely are not 100% candid about what's still out there.

Just a theory mind you, but did you ever get the feeling we're living in a screenplay?

Dan Noelle would make a great Mayor. He was a good Sheriff, he's a good manager, he understands how City Hall works, he doesn't cower before the unions, and - most importantly - he speaks the truth. I know his wife is the Police Chief, but that probably wouldn't be a problem if someone else acts as Police Commissioner.

What I gather from the KGW interview is that WW can confirm that there were multiple "dates" before the fabled 18th birthday. Leonard, to his credit, made the point that asking someone to lie to the press is ugly, but still somewhat less clearly career-endingly ugly than obstruction of justice or suborning perjury.

While we are at it, we need our legislators in Salem to make clear that 18 means 18 and that bar assn counsel who says otherwise needs to be excused from the practice of law and sent back to selling used cars for a living.

18 means 18

Nothing means anything around here any more. Storm Large and the Pink Martini guy are in charge.

Opposed Hillary = SEXIST
Opposed Barack = RACIST
Oppose Sam = HOMOPHOBE

Our level of discourse is heading in a disturbing direction.....

Someone needs to scream at the top of their lungs and tell everyone to shut the heck up.

Who am I forgetting?

Vera. And of course she would hire Sam back as her chief, and he would really be the one running the show. Nothing changes.

Maybe a weakened Adams is better for the Portland taxpayer than the alternatives the electorate of Portland would vote as replacement. In a weakened state Adams needs all the friends he can get, and might actually be slower to irritate the tax conscience crowd, like me, as a result.

If the court subpoenas Beau Breedlove and compells him to testify, it may be all over quickly.

"Maybe a weakened Adams is better for the Portland taxpayer than the alternatives the electorate of Portland would vote as replacement. In a weakened state Adams needs all the friends he can get, and might actually be slower to irritate the tax conscience crowd, like me, as a result"

I am sorry Bob - but if you don't think Portland can do better than an arrogant bald face liar I think you are underestimating the Rose City. Portland govt is a joke, and is losing credibility by the minute. Until Sam resigns there is no integrity at city hall.

OMG - ya had to have been there to appreciate the sheer irony of it all.
During the anti-adams protest (all 8 of us, thanks for the support portland)- and after their in-house pressconference/Adams rally - the local D-listers led by Storm - in front of the huddled news media . .
came out and sang "Amazing Grace" . . w/a straight face ! !

After ROTGLMAO ! I was approached by Kboo and asked why I thought it was important to bring a sign and stand out in front of city hall. Every time I tried to explain that I was there to protest corruption in govt the "reporter" would deflect to why did I think it was anybody's business what Sam . . .blah blah bla or weren't Bush's crimes more important and why wasn't I protesting . . .blah blah . . .
I never could get a single Adams supporter to discuss the issues of an election stolen by deceit and slander, or using political position for sexual gratification. And of course, cronyism wasn't even a part of their vocabulary.
I was asked by KATU why I thought there was so little support for us.
I hope I was right when I told the reporter that the anti-adams sentiment comes from working people - who were at work at 10:AM on a friday (except us laid-off saps) and one very atriculate and committed woman -Rodine-who had taken time from her job to protest the abuse of interns.
I hope the thousands of people who blogged their dis-satisfaction w/Adams won't let it end there.
E-mail Leonard, Saltzman, et al. Let them know how you feel.
Every time there is a poll by the local media - respond. E-mail them. Do something more than gripe on a blog and maybe . . .just maybe . . . us little guys might be heard above the din of d-listers and their sheeple.

Darn that Amtrak paper trail! Hope those tickets weren't written off as a city expense -- "lunch meeting with representative of the Council on Youth Activities"

I do hope Beau Breedlove is okay. This must weigh so heavily on him, especially since his instinct was to tell the truth. Hope he's got a real friend and genuine mentor who will stand by him if and when he chooses -- or is compelled-- to tell his story.

But I suspect he isn't going to go out voluntarily.

Mayor Samboyevich!

Noelle as a potential mayor has a big problem. He would have to run with Wapato on his back. Finding a place to put a jail was a big accomplishment, but people will never understand why it never opened. Too bad: He is a good guy. Wonder if he has a Portland address.

Did you see Sam trying to get into City Hall today? He couldn't unlock the door so a guard had to let him in. How weird was that?

What was even weirder was hearing the Mayor ask the security guard, "Can I get in?" as if he wasn't really sure what the answer would be. After all, why was the Mayor's keycard not working? Was that a problem encountered by other councilors and City Hall staff today or was Adams' access status changed by someone?

That show with Leonard and Jaquiss was surreal. Randy said his "intuition" was that there was more to the story than Adams has publicly admitted. Leonard and Jaquiss also rightfully pointed out that lying in a criminal investigation is more severe than lying to a reporter, because the former is a crime in itself.

The conversation (that the media says occurred) between Adams and Leonard today must have been awkward to say the least.

Oops. By the time I posted the "intuition" reference in my comment, after first reading all the other comments, I had forgotten that Jack had already pointed out Leonard's statement.

"Someone needs to scream at the top of their lungs and tell everyone to shut the heck up."

"... the anti-adams protest (all 8 of us ...)"

If everyone who voted against Sam shouts, "OUT!" and everyone who voted for Sam shouts, "STAY" then he stays, eh? Maybe the 'Resign In Disgrace' crowd(?) would gain some cred if it was led by someone other than Kremer or LIARS Larson shouting lectures at the top of his lungs about the immorality of LYING in massMEDIA. Y'know? The major Gravel Thrower might have some effect if he didn't live in a glass house. ... but he and the media property he rides into the dirt was successfully sued before, at least once in open court, for debased and libelous slander.

Meanwhile, on topic, (Who knew?), there might be some butt around that could scuttle ...
Breaking: Beau Breedlove Stakeout, by cocktailhag, Posted on January 24, 2009, 3:28 pm.

I just got a phone call, reporting that ... just moments ago seated next to Mayor Sam Adams’ boy toy, Beau Breedlove, in, get this, a beauty shop. ... Apparently the now 21-year old, who has refused all contact with the media, confided to his beauty operator that this story was just the tip of the iceberg, and Adams’ exploits range far and wide in city and state government circles, and many more names would soon be forthcoming.

UPDATE: ... reports that Breedlove discussed numerous media requests from Oprah, etc., and it sounds like he has a good publicist, because ... the 15-minute touch-up of his already-perfect hair made [a reporter(?), a gossip(?)] think he was readying himself for the cameras, just in case.

Isn't the harmed victim necessarily and righteously the most inspiring leader of resistance protest, like Cindy Sheehan and other Gold Star Mothers -- I wonder if Oprah 'got' her on the show -- or ballot-stuffed Al Gore, or swift-boated John Kerry?

I am really hoping to see Adams led away in handcuffs by the Oregon State Police soon. That would be one of the greatest days ever in Portland!

So... how does the Pink Martini Pixie and the Rockstar reject get an inside City Hall press conference ?????? Where are my cupcakes ?????

Maybe he got a sneak preview of today's story in the Oregonian.

Mayor Samboyevich! That's funny!

Mayor Sambo for short? Stop complaining, they had good waffles, he's white, who cares.

He'll always be Mayor Slimeball to me, win lose or draw.

Breaking news from the Oregonian:

Breedlove's dog (a German Sheperd) is named "Lolita".

If Sam's Cat is named Nabokov, I'm definitely updating the poem.

You can't make this shizzle up:

Mark Wiener
Bob Ball
Beau Breedlove
"First" Thursday
hiring Tonya's attorney

Mr. T - Wheeler can't open Wapato. He's going to scale back the county by 20% during this year.

He said at a board meeting a few weeks ago that he thought the state should lease it from the county rather than build a billion dollar prison in Junction City.

We want him to stay here at the county but the rumors are rampant that he is running for something, probably Governor.

Please! Someone go wake-up Tom Potter and
tell him to come back! As much as I hate to
admit it, we miss him...snoozing away up in
City Hall as if not a care in the world!

Oh! Tom come on back!

He's not going anywhere. WW website Sunday morning:

Breaking: Mayor Sam Adams To Announce Today He's Staying (UPDATED with Katz comment)

January 25th 2009 9:25am
BY: Hank Stern

WW has learned that Mayor Sam Adams will announce later today that he plans to return to work this week and will not resign.

The announcement comes on the same day that this news broke in The Sunday Oregonian that Beau Breedlove says he and Adams exchanged kisses on two separate occasions before Breedlove's 18th birthday.

Former Mayor Vera Katz, who employed Adams as her chief of staff for more than a decade, said this morning that she had not heard what Adams planned to do later today, but said she was not surprised to learn he would be staying.

Katz said "she didn't even want to think" about the latest revelation about Adams and Breedlove.

But she added that with the city in a "crisis state financially and economically" -and if Adams has committed no illegality- she thinks he should stay in office.

Some could attribute Vera's statement to "chemo brain". Poor soul, she still thinks she is mayor.
Why o why can't we get some decent capable, honest people to run of office?
Oh yeah...the condo and development weasels run the show.

I hope the news of Adams staying on means that we'll get more intimate details about the development and course and trajectory of this romance.

I just read a comment in the Trib that said Sam & Breedlove (according to BLove) were necking in the City Hall bathroom after a visit to the Lotus - when Breedlove was 17. Ick.

That muffled sound you're hearing is Terry Schrunk rolling over in his grave.

I simply can't believe in my lifetime, and I'm only 50, that we've gone from a man like Terry Schrunk to *this*.

We're screwed.

This morning my wife asked me if I would rather head off to meet my buddies for coffee, or go with her later. I told her with a weak smile that I would much rather spend time with her, of course. She said "oh ya right, Sam" (with emphasis on the Sam). I realized then that his name in this city will forever more be associated with dishonesty.

I simply can't believe in my lifetime, and I'm only 50, that we've gone from a man like Terry Schrunk to *this*.

I assume the comment about Terry Schrunk was tongue-in-cheek:


I doubt you could find a port city during WWII that didn't have the same when it comes to Union corruption. Schrunk was a good mayor.

By the account by Breedlove in the Big O, Sam has committed the crime of Sex Abuse III, Coersion, and a host of campaign election laws in furthering his coverup.

I don't condone anything the Teamsters has done, I was glad when my labor organization decertified them & formed their own association.

Say what you want about Schrunk, he wasn't making out with 17 old boys in the City Hall restroom when he was mayor.

And, if Page McBeth & the boys from the AG's CID office are warming up their broncos (and polygraphs)and steaming in your direction with a fistful of subpoenas, you've outlived your usefulness as mayor.

Sam should resign and stop this slow-motion train wreck.

I've heard from sources that the reason the 2nd floor City Hall bathroom that was opened up for 24 hour service, supposedly for the homeless, was also to facilitate Adam/Breedlove all hour meetings.

Sources also are saying that one reason Sam voted against Homeland Security cooperation with Portland was his fear of possible research into Amtrak ticketing logs. Ticketing by taxpayer paid staff at city hall could lead to knowledge of Beau's Amtrak tickets paid by taxpayers of Portland.

Say what you want about Schrunk, he wasn't making out with 17 old boys in the City Hall restroom when he was mayor.

No, he wasn't. He was in there picking up his hush money from the rackets boys.

Remember, back then, any time you had a movement, the Teamsters had to be involved.

Mayor Schrunk's predecessor reportedly kept a safe in his office in which to put the cash. By contrast Mayor Schrunk ran a fairly clean shop, and was fairly effective for most of his 16 years in office.

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