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Friday, January 2, 2009

Don't look now...

... but it's been snowing again (and sticking) for the last hour or two here in Portland. Wet stuff, and now turning back to rain.

UPDATE, 3:33 a.m.: Looks like there's a slide blocking U.S. 26 up around Brightwood, and another slide has smacked into a house in L.O. down near West Linn, injuring five people and causing evacuations of other homes amidst the strong smell of natural gas.

UPDATE, 4:26 a.m.: I always get a bad feeling when the forecast mentions "debris flow."

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Couldn't believe it when I looked out the window around 2:30am...almost 2" of snow here in Tigard. It turned to rain for a few minutes and now it's doing nothing.

Also just saw that there is a mudslide in Lake Oswego that took out a house up above Marylhurst U around 1am. Crazy weather!


Thanks for the news tip.

My sister from Southern California sent me a New Year's email that mentioned the media down there was saying Portlanders should not go outside unless it was absolutely necessary.

So for god's sake, stay inside!!

Hey, where is Stormwatch9000 when you need it, anyhow? I've been waiting all day to find out if I can go outside.

Actually, I've seen people riding bikes on my little side street since around 10 a.m.

God almighty. Don't you sleep?

I always get a bad feeling when the forecast mentions "debris flow."

Then I recommend staying away from the boneless wings at Buffalo Wild Wings.

We had at least a half inch of very hazardous slush near Lewis & Clark College this morning. And a solid 1/8" of ice on the Durango's windshield.

I'll proly just hunker down tomorrow and watch the coyotes eat my neighbor's corkie.

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