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Monday, January 12, 2009

Day One

With this, we begin the long task of cleaning up our country after eight years of being run into the ground by a frat president.

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Now THAT's a good proposal for how the new president should begin the delousing process.


Fred Barnes says it best about GW's legacy. One of the best Presidents we have had in the history of this country.


One of the best Presidents we have had in the history of this country.

Go here to refill your meds.

It's nice to see the Weakly Substandard is hiring the brain damaged. It's nice to know that there are places for such disabled workers, outside of the Bush administration.

Jack, I thought the phrase was, "A drunken, coke-head frat boy who, with his dishonest friends, stole the country and went joy-riding until it ran out of fuel, and then drove it into a ditch."

Guys like these.

Thoughtful critique of the Fred Barnes post HERE: http://is.gd/fDSQ

I can't imagine how Obama’s Plan to Close Prison at Guantánamo will begin, or help, clean up our country in any way at all.

So he moves it somewhere else,, and that makes something better?

The beauty of its that there will be no new secret prison-torture camp to replace the abomination in Cuba. The serious suspects will probably be brought to the United States to be tried. The rest will probably be set free to go back to their squalid lives, if they have any left, wherever they came from.

And that's just the beginning, Ben.

Unfortunately, the thugs we have running that prison camp will probably be moved elsewhere in our military and "intelligence" operations.

You mean the Bush administration is already over? Wow, that just flew by...

Mike C. totally misquotes Barnes. Nowhere does he say Bush is great, one of the 10 best, one of the best.

He says history will judge and he says Bush has been unfairly maligned. That's it.

We may not have one, but I suspect we'll still be contracting out with the 'extraordinary rendition' consultants, in concert with 'enhanced interrogation' subcontractors in the exotic locales like Jordan, Kazakhstan, and Poland.

I think an enormous favor that retiring Vice President Richard Cheney could do for his country would be to go undercover, as an 'extraordinarily rendited' agent. Y'know....Snatched off the streets of Casper, and, under the ruse of yet another heart attack, medicated, blindfolded, and flown to an undisclosed overseas location, where he'll be held in a small room with a cot and a toilet, regular crappy meals, and frequent scintillating conversation under bright lights.

We'll check back in...oh, six years?

Then he could relate to us what it was like.

That would be too good for him.

Paul sez: He says history will judge and he says Bush has been unfairly maligned. That's it.

Well...That's different.

I'll agree, he has been unfairly maligned. He should have been maligned a whole lot more, a whole lot louder, a whole lot longer, and a whole lot more openly and publicly. That might have been more fair.

I'm betting George W. Bush will go down as the worst president in the history of the United States....for some time to come. This administration has made Albert Fall and the Ohio Gang of the administration of Warren G. Harding look like a bunch of half-fast amateurish pikers.

Jack sez:That would be too good for him.

Yes. I know.

We all have our own peculiar imaginative narrative diversions.

What gets me is we all know Dickie is going to walk away from it all with hundreds of brazillions of dollars in new personal wealth. Such is public service, these days.

I'd bet Dickie moves to Qatar, or some such.

The War on Terror is a fraud that's badly damaged our country. With the job George Bush did on America, the terrorists should send him a plaque. The only thing they regret about President Bush is that he can't serve a 3rd term.
Those people lining up to congratulate him for the heck of a job he's done couldn't find a clue if it were tattooed on their ass.
The terrorists should send Bush fans a thank-you note as well for standing by, obediently supporting this moron as he dismantled the greatest country on earth.
One more week.

The only thing they regret about President Bush is that he can't serve a 3rd term

No, Bill, the 22nd amendment only says that "No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice...".

By my count, God forbid, he's got one or two more shots at it.

Godfry, I think you'll get a kick out out of this:


What? No pretzels?

If I never hear the word "Homeland" again, I will die a happy man.

Amen. I'm tired of Orwell.

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