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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Creepy's new flack

Sam the Suspect Mayor has a new communications director -- a 31-year-old guy named Roy Kaufmann. I think that's Roy, above. He's a p.r. guy who appears to have worked at his last job less than a year. Before that, he worked in the same p.r. firm as Charlie Burr (who was rebounding from his brief cup of coffee with the governor), apparently for a year or two. Another "sustainability" type, Sam's new mouthpiece (sorry) had a Facebook page until recently, but now it's gone.

Spokesman for Sam Adams... Man, you talk about a gig with uncertain prospects. At least he knows how to keep his résumé fresh.

Google reveals that Kaufmann is married to a woman who is also a p.r. type, and they have a baby on the way. Rock on, kids.

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The problem with hiring young fast-track, eager-beaver go-getters is that they are unlikely to be equipped at handling all of the setbacks, failures and trauma that are such a necessary component of real, long-term success. Well, congratulations to Mr. Kaufmann but I'm personally committed to completing both his and Adams' real-world education.

What's creepy is your stalking of someone's baby registry.

Let's hope he has some crisis management skills. Maybe even some graduate level psychology, just to understand how the Mayor operates.

And a severance package if the job doesn't last out the month.

Former Adams spokesman Wade Nkrumah resigned. Adams said it was due to "stress". Nkrumah said it was because Adams continued to lie.

Presumably, Sam could be hoping that all of his lies have now been exposed to the light of day so he doesn't "have to" lie again. Or, in the alternative, that his new spokesman doesn't care if the mayor lies to him.

I gotta admit Adams is getting brutally efficient on controlling the source of information about him or his staff.

Welcome to the new open government of Portland.

Being his pr guy will be a tough gig. Who in their right mind would have their picture taken with the Mayor right now? For politicians he is totally radioactive. I can't imagine a business leader wanting to be in the same shot either. There will be a lot of ribbon cutting ceremonies with only Sam in the frame.

What's creepy is your stalking of someone's baby registry.

It's called Google. Look into it.

At first I thought that Lombardi statue on the masthead was some sort of Dick Cheney monument....

Imagine if Potter had been single:

Last week, Tom Potter held a press conference where he admitted to having a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old girl in 2005. He also admitted that all previous claims of "mentoring" the 17-year-old girl were false.

Prviously, Potter vehemently denied the relationship and called any discussion of it "slander" and vowed to "not let such irresponsible slander sidetrack my political intuition."

Today, we have learned that Potter kissed the girl when she was 17, once for "about a minute" in the second-floor bathroom of City Hall. Earlier, Potter had traveled to Salem to attend the girl's 18th birthday, and the girl spent the weekend at his home, having sex with him on several occasions.

Potter has vowed to both "be open and honest" about it and "work harder than ever before." Potter has refused to discuss the matter since admitting it.

Potter has said that he lied repeatedly over a 2 1/2 year period because he "wanted to be elected", and that he "essentially lied to attain public office."

Potter supporters have decried all criticism of him as "parochial hysterics", "unfair standards for single heterosexual males", and "a public obsessed with sex."

So far, no supporters have been willing to discuss what ethics means, or whether there even is a code of ethics for the office of Mayor.

So can Sam's new name be Creepy McLiar? Doesn't it say it all?

Welcome to hell, Mr. Kaufmann.

Below clipped from a comment on the Oregonlive (Boregonian) web site. Buckle your seatbelts, Puddletownians! Hizon'im intends to make this a national fight on the right of 40 year olds to bang teens and lie about it to get elected. See, he had to publicly lie and slander his accusers because we're all bigots. Just like Goldshmidt, he thinks he's the victim!


The anti-recall effort is fully funded already. We've raised $430,000 nationwide to fight the morality police in Portland, who are, by the way, not in the majority in our fair city, and keep Sam Adams in office.

Let's see the right-wingers and Jesus freaks raise this kind of money that fast.

The O quote makes sense when Sam's mayoral campaign was over 65% nationwide money, and the largest donations came from the gay agenda.

Remember, Sam campaigned and voted for Voter Owned Elections but apparently doesn't practice what he preaches.

Oh man. That is soooooo depressing.

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