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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Come on and zoom

You get your choice with this photo -- as wide or as tight as you'd like to go:

Amazing stuff.

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Looks like some people are listening with their eyes closed.

I get it now. Find Wald... nope, find Sam the Tongue!

Sam missed it. He was on his way home to sort of face the music.

I'm looking for the Oregon congressional delegation. Did they get decent seats?

Bush trying to get his Blackberry to work is pretty funny. That and Darth Cheney.

"Bush trying to get his Blackberry to work is pretty funny."

You're easily amused.

Interesting that Newt got a little closer than John Lewis:

I assume that's Lewis top left.

Another slice that I love:

The Beavers basketball coach said he was near Michele on the dias wearing an orange-and-black muffler scarf.

Amazing photo. I didn't know this was possible.

Lots of funny headgear on display, especially Bush 41's fur-trapper hat.

I don't really get it. What is "amazing" and what is it that you "love"? I see a couple USSC justices bundled up, looking down or with eyes closed during the president's inaugural address. Are you liking the contrast between president (or honor guard) and citizens and legislators and jurists?

If you don't get it, I can't help you.

Amazing - although there is some evidence of the splicing, the overall quality and resolution establishes this as a new landmark in photojournalism. Even the faces in the distant crowd are recognizable.

I'd like to see a nationwide project to put names to as many faces as possible, and cross index the name to coordinates.

Go to the back, back, back of the picture - oh, it's so far back you can't see it - and you'll see me and my merry band of cohorts huddled in the basement of the Lincoln Memorial, frozen solid.

But we were there!

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