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Saturday, January 31, 2009

City Hall website: On with the scrubbing

Portland's reputation for open government -- never too well deserved -- is going to take a serious hit now that its creepy mayor's pattern of lies and deceit (even to his own staff) is national news. This week we find city staffers being paid to take down some of the mayor's lies from the internet. Remember this beauty from the fall of 2007? Get a good look at it while the Google cache still has it -- over the past few days it's disappeared from the city's website.

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Jack, I hope you got a screen shot of that before Sam's minions do their electronic version of Enron's frantic paper shredding.

Reminds me (in sort of a creepy double entendre way) of the final line of 1984: "But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother."

The entirety of www.commissionersam.com is a public record, including the email addresses of commenters contained in the database.

Just for kicks, I printed out the cached version -- along with 38 pages of comments.

Which are very interesting. Some of the commenters who used their real names probably feel pretty betrayed right now.

This is going to be fascinating - It'll kind of be like all those textbooks that say the Holocaust never happened or Israel doesn't exist.

This city is really turning into a pop stand once he gets away with revising everything like this. The public records will read like the Oregonian now.

Any update on Kroger's investigation or is it going to get buried also?

The key question of the Kroger investigation (with thanks to Howard Baker): What did he blow and when did he blow it?

Isn't it illegal to destroy evidence?? First he's asking Beau to lie for him, now he's having city employees cover his tracks. I hope Kroger is paying attention.

Jump down to the Men's Room
The boys are lip lockin'
Tell us Mayor, is it party time?
If it is can we all come

Dont think that we dont know
Dont think that were not trying
Dont think we move too slow
Its no use after crying

Its a mistake, its a mistake
Its a mistake, its a mistake

After the laughter as died away
And all the boys have had their fun

Its a mistake, its a mistake
Its a mistake, its a mistake

Its a mistake, its a mistake

...looking for Sam...?

As I grow older I grow younger
Every day is like a dream
I wouldn't go back for a moment
Except for maybe seventeen

Next up at Portland City Council: Circus Circus Circus

Live! In the Center Ring! Watch the Council of Quavering Jellyfish Conduct City Business!

Hear the Chorus of Empty Words!

Learn what Mr. Naughty will do next to Inspire the Children! Juggling! Bareback riding! Magic tricks! Sword swallowing! Surprises galore! Memorabilia and trinkets for sale! Free candy!

Join the Mayor’s Men’s Room Parade, every two hours (must be 17 to enter)!

See how much leadership a Million Bucks of Public Money can buy! It’s anybody’s guess!

Will the state legislature and the Multnomah County Commission exit the Cone of Silence? Who knows?

Will Portland’s civic and business leaders show up and speak out? Before Groundhog Day? No one has a clue!

WILL Hizzoner TAKE THE SHOW ON THE ROAD? Why not? So many men’s rooms, so little time….

See Portland City Council Circus Circus Circus on PCM, cable Channel 30, 9:30 a.m. every Wednesday.

Sean Cruz writes BlogoliticalSean: www.blogoliticalsean.blogspot.com

Man, that's cut and paste-able. What irony.

The entire site seems to be down and password protected now. The Google cache seems to be gone as well.

Hmm... couldn't get to it through that link.

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