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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chief of the chiefs

Oregon's acting fire marshal is taking the job permanently. Apparently a statewide search didn't turn up a better candidate. Congratulations to him.

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The state fire marshal regulates cigarette sales?

How great! I thought Bob Keeshan was dead ... glad to see he's still around, and an Oregonian no less!

Will this fire marshall let us pump our own gas finally???

Some people like to smell of gasoline and getting wet is their idea of fun. Nope pumping gas is my idea of nothing to do.
As times get tougher the robberies at self-serve go up..have a nice day.

As times get tougher the robberies at self-serve go up

If true, I wonder why. At self-serve in CA, ID, WA most folks pay with CC or debit cards, meaning less cash on hand.

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