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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Buzzword change alert

With the new year comes a new Portland City Council code word for wasteful boondoggles. Formerly known as "linchpins," these will be hereafter referred to as "shovel-ready" projects. When these are completed, the city's reserve funds will be completely dissipated. At that point, the city's financial condition will indeed be "shovel-ready."

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Is there still pretend monies for the Central East Side Can-Do rail-based transport system? I sure hope so, there are lots of unattended shopping carts to attend to.

Maybe Sam can pull out one of his own credit cards to pay, he has such a great credit history!


The one thing that's undoubtedly shovel-ready is the sales pitch.

Randy Loo proves in his quote about these new jobs will have people "buying food and clothes", that he considers the citizens of Portland as bimbos. Obviously if people live here they will buy food and clothes or they die-well, unless the few remaining taxpayers provide those necessities in an increasing amount like we are doing.

Randy has now established my citizenship IQ.

Too bad the small business owners put out of business during the many ill-conceived downtown 'improvement' projects can't get any of this 'stimulus' money....

Ya know, we're only in the third week of 2009 and I'm already tired of the phrases -
bailout, stimulus, czar and shovel-ready. It's going to be a LONG year.

I heard the term "shovel ready" used repeatedly in a recent story re. liquid natural gas pipeline location. It was delivered in a sad, accusing, "don't rain on our parade" tone. How could we think of opposing acquisiton and condemnation of potential pipeline properties when the project is SHOVEL READY?

Per a previous post, my thoughts sped straight to the elephant yard and its output of Zoo Doo.

What a filthy, disgusting job!

Could be worse. Could be raining!

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