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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beau Breedlove, convicted felon

After his teen fling with the Portland city commissioner (now mayor), that wonderful lad headed over to Hawaii, where he reportedly was placed on probation for felony theft. All that "mentoring" didn't really help him, apparently.

He'll make a heck of a witness in the criminal probe against Sam, eh?

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Bill M we need a joke..fast!

Clearly Hawaii is a bit warm for his Cub Scout uniform. Empathy people.

I was wondering why Mr. Breedlove was needing a lawyer.

Also, I highly doubt that they rent apartments to convicted felons at the Wyatt. Sure helps to find work when you know someone with clout with that on your record.

Mr. Breelove's transgressions aside, this whole thing got more interesting if it turns out that Sam forgot to mention that he helped a convicted felon, who he had asked to lie on his behalf, get a job.

I would also say that Fireman Randy's "intuition" is proving itself to be correct.

I like the bit where "Fulton said it was Breedlove's first felony conviction."

It's like hearing the gals saying about some guy that "He'd make a good starter husband."

Sometimes you can just predict things.

This indicates the "mentoring" was highly successful.

"Help! Bill M we need a joke, fast!"

Don't worry, Bill, I've got this one:

"Sam Adams!"

It seems like Charlie Hinkle either has a misplaced sense of gay solidarity or is just seeking publicity.

His "the vicious media should leave him alone" speech probably didn't please his client, the O, too much.

If Beau has to shoplift clothes, how can he afford Charlie's fee?

"He'll make a heck of a witness"

How are you goign to find anyone to testify, both of the main parties are on record as lying about the matter?

Shoplifting is not a crime "that looms large in the history of mankind."

So stealing from Macy's is OK?

In the kid's defense, it's not easy for a young gay boy to stay stylish these days. 750 bucks will barely get you a nice designer shirt and a fashionable pair of jeans. It's not like you can score a hot sugar daddy wearing the latest threads from JCPenny.

But I hope Adams is happy. Sure, Beau seems to be enjoying some of the media attention given to him, but this negative publicity is just another consequence of Adam's selfish actions. My prediction - the drip, drip, drip of scandal will finally compel Adams to resign before a recall is needed.

Am I the only person wondering about the source and timing of this revelation?

Ah, so sad..and tacky. Macy's? Of course, there's no Wilkes Bashford in Hawaii, but there is this store:


Breedlove will never live it down.

His "the vicious media should leave him alone" speech probably didn't please his client, the O, too much.

The O has hardly been vicious, failing again to break a city hall sex scandal.
Still, it's not hard to imagine a situation where Breedlove's and the O's interests could become adverse (say Breedlove doesn't like something published about him in the O and wants to bring a libel suit).

Why did Mayor Adams write a recommendation letter for a convicted felon?? I am unemployed, no criminal record (ok, one speeding ticket), have a great resume, have worked in real estate in Portland and I'm completely desperate to find any job in Portland.

Breedlove never went to college, seems to only have employment experience as a waiter and gold digger, is a convicted felon, but he happened to have a great way to blackmail our mayor into helping him score a job in this TERRIBLE economy!

Why do people think Sam kept in contact (and maintained a friendship) with Breedlove all these years?? Isn't it pretty obvious that Beau has been dying for all this attention all along and Sam knew the story would ruin his career?

All these lies on top of other lies are making sick!

There is so much wrong with EVERYTHING about this story!!

One might also pause to question the nature of the alliance between Breedlove and attorney/power-broker Hinkle; the latter is said to favor the company of very young men.

While Breedlove spoke in the press that he "knew what he was doing" in getting involved with Sambla, this information speaks to his immaturity and lack of decision-making ability.

Despite what he hopes to convey, it just supports the argument for our age of consent laws.

Beau was a very good friend of mine in high school, and the opinionated people making such rude and negative comments about him are idiots. You don't even know him.

So why is it important to bring up Beau felony??? So he got caught stealing yes lots of people do and what the hell does that have to do anything with Sam Adams any way. I believe Mr Adams paid Beau off to keep mouth shut. God people. So to gay people had sex before or after who cares. Shoot a man sleeps with a young girl and lies. Hmmm Stud... This is all just wrong

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