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Monday, January 26, 2009

At City Hall, time to get back to work

Portland, we've wasted enough time talking about the mayor taking a teenage boy into the City Hall men's room to make out, and then hiring people to cover it up for him. It's time for him to get back to work on his ambitious agenda. Tolls on the Willamette River bridges. A Convention Center hotel. Streetcars to nowhere. A new stadium and a stadium rehab for bush league sports. Busy, busy, busy! Plus, he's learned his lesson. This kind of thing won't ever happen again. So let's get off the witch hunt, people, and roll up our sleeves.

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" . . . roll up our sleeves." And get to work on the recall.

Hmmm - maybe we should consider gridlocking CoP government by continuing the seige for six months.

Trouble with that approach is that his well-heeled supporters are more than willing to step in to his aid, in return for future quid pro quo. And we know who's on that list of names.

Moving forward, we must adopt the Oregonian's approach: It's OK--even expected--to lie to the press and the public, but it's illegal to lie under oath.

Maybe we should make our perjury laws apply to statements elected officials make to the press ...

Are you being serious, or provocative?

Maybe we should amend the City Charter to spell out which sex/drug/alcohol offenses should be grounds for removal from office. If this had been done after the disclosures about Mayor Neil, then removing Mayor Sam might have been easier.

Don't forget the Couch Couplet (conjures up disturbing images in the wake of the current scandal) that will create a jaw-dropping 350 temporary construction jobs.

...And pull out the reading glasses to pore over the city insurance policy to make sure there is a huge umbrella to cover liability for mayors who rape or commit sexual abuse towards boys or girls.

This is just sad on so many levels.

Don't forget the Couch Couplet

And the leaf removal tax.

What Sam learned from this: When you lie, don't get caught.

No, the obvious tactic is to do what the GOP is doing now in Congress: just repeat the words "tax cuts" until your eyes glaze over.

"The bigger the lie, the better the chance they think they’ve got. That’s been their whole approach."

Party on, PDX...party on.

"What Sam learned from this: When you lie, don't get caught."

Actually, it's more depressing that that. Corrected:

What Sam learned from this, Lie all you want because if you get caught, it doesn't really matter.

Sam Adams allegedly got close to 60% of the vote, but it was obviously all a mistake--a Franken/Coleman style recount is needed--because as we have now been duly informed, calling for Adams' resignation is tantamount to homophobia. Yep, those hordes of homophobes actually voted for Sho Dozono, the Mayor-in-Exile.

It's been three days since someone changed the roll in the $300,000 bum toilet. Thank goodness Sam is back.

I wonder if PDC still want s a Home Depot at MLK and Burnside?
Especially now since all those H/D EXPO stores will now be closed! I wonder what new b/s will be proposed for that site.
Go by street car and tram, of course.

it's really impossible to see this city getting back on "track" after this..
he should step down.rather than have us have to listen to the snickers for months.

Last night there was that horrible shooting at the underage club. I guess he couldn't comment on that story, could he?...thank goddess for Rosie

In an attempt to improve a previous suggestion of mine, I propose an alternate spelling.

Mayor Samboyloveitch.

So let's get off the witch hunt, people, and roll up our sleeves.

Or in the inimitable words of the Firesign Theater:

"Roll up your arm and bend over."

"it's really impossible to see this city getting back on "track" after this.."

C'mon, this is Portland. We'll be pissed for a while and if we do any kind of action then Friends of Sam will pop and tell everyone no mater no laws were broker and don't be distracted.

I wish I knew a better solution than an implosion of city govt, but you've seen what we have for leaders:

Adams - 'Nuf said
Fritz - Yes, Mr Mayor, sir, anything you want.
Saltzman - Without Sam I am incapable of doing anything, even defending the rights of trees
Leonard - Actually got out-snaked for once

Fish is about the only one I have any faith in. Besides what are we going to replace them with. When the cumulative IQ of city politicians barely clears the 3-digit bar, I don't see anything any better out there (I'll give a pass to Ted Wheeler.)

I think I've got it! Leave him to ride this wave for a few weeks or a month, then when it all gets to be too much for him to cope with he can file a giant stress disability claim!
It's the Portland way. That fund is already over $2B anyway, so why not one more questionable payout. (Isn't Penny Harrington still drawing on that too?)

Where exactly were your hands during that minute long kiss. Where was your tongue. Were you pressed against the kid. Who do you think your bulls***ting sam. Oh! I see Patricia McCaig,Bill Scott and Charley Hinkle to the rescue. Same old crew again Where have I heard these names before. Who is picking up the bill for this, neil.

Watergate had "Deep Throat". Was there a "deep throat" character in this mess? I mean other than the obvious...

>>"Joe D'Alessandro, the former head of the Portland Oregon Visitors Association, was married to a woman when he approached Adams several years ago for help coming out of the closet. They dined together and talked on the phone many times, D'Alessandro said, as he divorced his wife and rebuilt his life as an openly gay man.

"There's nothing like having a mentor, someone you can trust, someone who has been through something similar," he said. "People who are questioning Sam for this have no idea what it's like to be a gay man who is not out of the closet. To criticize him for trying to help other people is just disgusting.">> From the Oregonian in Sept 07.

I wonder if D'Alessandro feels any differently today?

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