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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another snow closure

The impact of SnowGasm 2009™ continues to be felt throughout Portland. At a mid-morning press conference, city commissioner Randy Leonard announced that the city's "Portland loo" public toilets will be closed for the rest of the day because they do not function properly in snowy conditions. Folks needing to relieve themselves downtown are directed instead to use the restrooms in City Hall.

Comments (10)

Don't eat that yellow snow!

Maybe its a cover...its the new private "mentoring" room.

And oh what a relief it is.

This is Sam's fault as well. Had Randy not been obsessed with the possibility of taking control of Portland, maybe he could have spent some time doing something he is most suited to: fixing crappers.

Just the thought of walking in on two men making out gives me the willies.
I think I'll tie it in a knot & wait.

gives me the willies

I thought this was a family blog.

@Allan L. gives me the willies;"I thought this was a family blog"

Thanks alot. Now I have to wipe Diet Coke off my monitor. :-)

As long as Sam is around, I think the City's maintenance department should move Randy's loo into City Hall. That way the police can arrest Sam immediately if they see his legs entangled with another pair of hairy legs.

Trade that thing in for some snow plows.

Well, when Randy is finally judged in the hereafter, when his soul is weighed by Anubis and judged to be worthy or unworthy, he won't be getting the title of "brilliant engineer", will he?

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