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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another celebrity weighs in

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I was really heartened that Barney Frank sent a message of support as well. I'm sure that won a lot of people over for Sam. I think a message of support from Roman Polanski would surely tip the scales in favor of Sam.

What's dispiriting is that all these people -- Saltzman, et al -- seem to think this (Adams) is the best we can do.

Saltzman fears the soon to be acting-Mayor Randy Leonard.

One question that I wish a reporter (or the AG) would ask Sam is his definition of sex. Sam is so slippery that he might deny having "sex" even if he engaged in sexual activity. Did Sam and Beau make out before the kid turned 18? Sam would not describe that as sex, but most people would define any sexual activity, even kissing, as a violation of the age of consent laws.

I'm taking the hypocritical stance, where I believe Sam Adams should resign, but if I was him I wouldn't.

Adams position is similar to Blagojevich. He has nothing to gain by resigning and everything to lose.

Justin, if that is Sam's position, then that's all the more reason to leave. It's not all about Sam. There's this city to take into consideration, too.

Too true Justin, Sam is in a lot better position if he doesn't resign. If there are no more lies to be revealed, he might survive the investigation unscathed. A recall attempt has a pretty high bar to clear, and may be unsuccessful. He could ride out the rest of his term as Mayor, and make the best of it. I will bet he has already decided not to resign - just making a show of going through a "thoughtful process".

When did Storm Large become a celebrity? What a joke Portland is.

Portland, by staying weird, has officially joined the ranks of Michael's Neverland. Remember "The freaks come out at night".

"Freaks come in all shapes, sizes and colors
But what I like about 'em most is that they're real good lovers
They do it in the park, they do it in the dark
But most freaks are known for breakin' hearts"

Why would Elizabeth Vargas even care about Sam Adams? How does she know Gus?

Justin, if that is Sam's position, then that's all the more reason to leave. It's not all about Sam. There's this city to take into consideration, too.

Right. But a 40 year old guy who sleeps with 17 year old interns, probably doesn't think about anyone but himself. So, why would he resign?

"other speakers were prominent business officials such as commercial developer John Russell"

Oh god, if he stays in watch out for pay back time.

Why do you think guys like Russell and Bill Scott (longtime chief lieutenant for Goldschmidt) are rushing up to the micropohone to defend him? It's all about the dough-re-mi, baby. The Adams era was supposed to be the return to the heyday of Don Mazziotti and the PDC scams. Now that's in jeopardy.

I miss Potter already.

“Portland didn’t elect Sam to dismiss him at the first sign of controversy”.

Perhaps some good may come of this after all. Portland seems to think that it's wrong for Adams to order Ruiz not to ask and Breedlove not to tell, as Congress requires of other Americans who serve the public. This controversy may help explain to the public why "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is such a terrible public law.

Adams' political calculation might have been different, and he might have told the truth, had he assumed that Clinton's DADT law wasn't respected among the Portland conservatives who's votes he campaigned for.

Servicemens Legal Defense Network

Justin, you're right. I just can't comprehend that level of narcissism, although I have seen a grater incidence of it displayed in the last few years among both elected officials and "self-designated" community leaders.

If there are no more lies to be revealed

That's a mighty big "if."

Might be a few skeletons to be revealed, too.

“Portland didn’t elect Sam to dismiss him at the first sign of controversy”.
So says Portland's infamous Chickenhawk King. Van Sant is well known for his for skills of film making and seducing young men with drugs and promises of speaking parts.This town is littered with his castaways. I would bet Sam would prefer a defender with a reputation slightly less soiled than his own. Come on Gus run for mayor!

Notice that the "Sam's Blog" tab (the content of which was removed a couple of days ago) has now been removed from his website:


you know, the very best comment I've read about the whole thing is here.

Guess he can't have one any more. Here's how it looked at the end.

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