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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A cruel, cruel lash from Mother Nature

OMG, people. Brace yourself -- it is snowing in Portland.

White flakes of frozen precipitation have begun pounding the metropolitan area as the city descends back into the grip of another Arctic Blast® SnowGasm™. The snow is not melting as it hits the ground. This is what worried scientists are referring to as "sticking."

To make matters worse, the snow began too late for every school district in the area to call off classes for the day. Now helpless children will actually be in their classrooms while the dreaded ice crystals are dropping from the sky. It is a disaster in the making!

Remain calm. Remain in your homes. Do not go outside for any reason. Keep your computer tuned to bojack.org Storm Center 9000.2 for the latest details.

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Hey Jack, Will you please stop washing your car?

Arctic Blast® is so 2008.

The new "edgy" term is SnowGasm™ 2009!

Especially in Portland. Perfect!

Now I can't get my car out of the driveway, which means I will have to ride the bus to work. Usually not a problem, but with snow on the ground it raises the question: Will I be able to get a bus home this afternoon, or will TriMet service crumble like a house of cards by mid-afternoon?

Alternative question number 2: Where was the 72 hours of constant chatter of snow in the media? I guess they were too distracted by SAMBLA to get everyone sufficiently lathered about Arctic Blast 2009.

Not to worry people, the pedisamifile is back at the helm

"Now helpless children will actually be in their classrooms while the dreaded ice crystals are dropping from the sky. It is a disaster in the making!"

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. That is funny stuff.

There was so much snow in Portland today, Mayor Sam Adams was kissing an Eskimo boy.

He learned his lesson after the last snowstorm, when he got his tongue stuck to a frozen pole.

Maybe Sam and the Eskimo boy can meet at the bum toilet, since it is not currently being used for its intended purpose?

Classes at PCC were abruptly shut down at 10 this morning. Classes in progress weren't allowed to finish. The two eastside campuses weren't having any troubles. Who makes these wasteful decisions?

Peter -

Re PCC classes at Sylvania -

The problem was a combination of the ongoing non feasance by the City of Portland and the idiocy of Portland car drivers.

SW 49th / Capitol Highway from Barbur to the campus entrance were rendered nearly impassible by the inch of snow on the un sanded, unplowed streets impeded the driving on almost bald tires by the PCC students on the hills going up that route from Barbur. The back entrance on SW Lesser Road isn't as bad until a driver gets on campus, but on campus that, too, is awful steep.

Did you say take Tri Met? Tri Met doesn't serve anything other than the downtown core, and does that only with incredibly inefficient "hub and spoke" routes. You can't get to PCC Sylvania by bus in any reasonable time / manner.

It really is i

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