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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sustainable Susan survives; Gil canned

Portland Mayor-Elect Sam the Tram is moving the deck chairs around quite a bit, according to this morning's O. The biggest news: The "Sustainable Development" and "Planning" bureaus are going to be merged. "Sustainable Susan" Anderson will run the new combined office; Gil Kelley at Planning "has been offered a severance package." Ouch!

Sam the Tram will be the commissioner in charge of the merged bureau, along with the Portland Development Commission. The synergy here will allow one-stop service for the Homer Williams developer weasel types who want to fleece the city's taxpayers. Oh, and Trammy will keep Transportation, too -- a match made in heaven. Go by streetcar!

Fireman Randy gets the fire bureau; Amanda gets the touchy-feely stuff, including "human relations" and dealing with neighborhoods; and Nick Fish gets parks as well as keeping housing. Of course, since the top brass at the parks bureau have an immunity idol, they'll be surviving.

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Perfect fit.
The Office of Sustainable schemes and the the PDC scam machine.

That's a shame, Gil Kelley was just getting started on Sam and Randy's pilot project to get rid of "ugly" infill houses ...

I feel like Nell, wrapped up in ropes, tied to the trolley/MAX tracks, screaming
"help! Help!! HELP!!!"
All the while "the Don", Sam, et al just stand by, twirling their mustachios and grinning.
Where is our Dudley Doright?

Actually, I think you'd rather have Horse come to our rescue. He was the smart one.

Nah, Hong Kong Phooey is really the guy you want.

I assume sustainabilty doesn't include the quaint notion of financially sustainable?

I assume sustainabilty doesn't include the quaint notion of financially sustainable?

actually, that's pretty much *all* it means, when it comes to government. economics.

and that's the problem--when the environment is yoked to economic "prosperity", one suffers. guess which one?

Anyone have any knowledge on Kelley's severance package perks and amounts? Why is it that an employee of PDOT gets severance after approximately nine years of employment?

Well, he got one. But Portland still has a few hundred too many planners.


Depends on when he went to work for the city. If it was long enough ago he has union protection.

Remember when Potter cleaned house? One of the ones he asked to go was Dean Marriot. Marriot refused and Potter couldn't fire him.

"Horse" would be a great rescuer...at least I could ride off in to the sunset...sustainably?

A combo of our "sustainability" office and the planning bureau. Uh oh.

If it was long enough ago he has union protection.

I think you meant civil service protection, Dave. I doubt Dean Marriott is in a union.

And "lw", who in PDOT is getting the axe?

I met to say "planning" and not PDOT. In regards to PDOT, I think there might be a few leaving. I can name a few that should and could, but I won't publicly.

Why does Parks Director Zari Santer still have her job? She is such a joke of a manager and has no business running Parks and Rec.

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