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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

She knew what to do

Some years back, around this time of year, I wrote about Billy Rancher, the Portland rocker who knocked all our socks off around 25 years ago before leaving us on this planet to keep boom-chuckin' without him. Since then, several fans of Billy's have written in to share their experiences with this bigger-than-life character.

Recently I stumbled across a memoir by none other than Celeste, one of the go-go girls in Billy's band in its heyday. Yes, one of the Unreal Goddesses herself! If you're interested in her perspective -- and it's a good one -- you can start here.

Comments (2)

Wow, what a story.
Hard to type through the tears.

I remember Billy & The Unreal Gods very, VERY well. I had the pleasure of seeing them live several times before the sad and untimely passing of Billy and I still have cassettes of their music, which I listen to frequently along with Johnny & The Distractions - two of my all time favorite "local" bands.

Great stuff, Jack. Thanks for the memories. Much appreciated.



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