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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reader poll: Who left the best comment?

Yesterday's Buck-a-Hit Day was a nice success, and as a group we're going to give more than $10,000 to Oregon charities as a result. But there's one bit of unfinished business: We have yet to designate where $250 of the charity loot will be going. That decision will be made by whoever wins our contest as author of the best comment posted here yesterday. And the judges in that contest are you.

We never said what "best" was supposed to mean, and so you can vote based on any criteria, or none at all. Here are the contestants, in chronological order:

1. Tenskwatawa:

The only essential is this: the gift must always move.

2. Jimbo:

It's nice to be involved in a "rescue/bailout" plan that will have real impact.

3. Clare Vickers:

So many of us who visit this blog have so much: computers, internet access, homes with light and heat, and food to eat in excess. And Jack goes and makes giving a little bit of what we've got to help others very easy...

...maybe too easy. I worry that I'll forget that who I'm helping are people, with unique personalities and smiles and troubles in the depersonalization of our communities.

Please don't forget that going out and getting involved in your neighborhood, your apartment complex, your city is important too.

Thanks, may your Yule be filled with light and warmth.

4. Vicki Shaw:

I'm going for the laugh. Got the best X-mas letter ever today. IT featured my neice as she was giving up smoking looking pale and nauseous as she was puking into the toilet. The next photo was of the other neice, cleaning out the cat box, making an ugly face at what the looker supposed was a horrific smell. The photo of my sister the teacher, was of her on vacation at home, grading a stack of about 200 papers, giving the photographer the finger. Lastly, a photo of Dad upon entering the house after a long day at work, yelling at everyone pointing to a puddle of pee on the floor by the front door, left there by the 17 yr old cat.

I know this has nothing to do with the food bank but I thought you might enjoy it. I sure did.

5. Talea:

I don't have much to give right now, but I've announced to the extended fam that I'd be giving no presents to anybody who wasn't a kid.

Everybody was way ahead of me; and are giving gift money for adults to charity.

So I threw some money toward Oregon Food Bank today (not much but what I can afford) and I'll be giving a little to a charity at Friendly House that provides weekend food for the homeless kids who attend Chapman Elementary.

So this year, I'm all about food.

6. Oregbear:

In reading the other posters' comments, it's hearteningly obvious that folks are, in
actuality, moving toward the the essence of this sentiment!

...from one of my books of musings...

Holiday Survival:
_Fear less, hope more;
__Eat less, chew more;
_Whine less, breathe more;
__Talk less, say more;
_Hate less, love more;
__And all good things will be yours.

There you have our six finalists. Vote here, and we'll announce the winner tomorrow afternoon at the start of our cyber-office Christmas party. (Kickoff at about 2:30.) Whoever wins, gets to steer $250 of the Buck-a-Hit Day collections to a charity of his or her choice:

Who left the best comment on Buck-a-Hit Day 2008?
Clare Vickers
Vicki Shaw
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Comments (4)

5,131 hits and only 66 votes so far?
Does that seem strange to anyone else?

Many are cold, but few are frozen.

Okay, without having Voted or Viewed, I promise if elected to move the gift to the publication of Steet Roots, that tearsheet panhandlers hand-peddle with plaintive pleas for a dollar donation.

Otherwise Plan B -- Sisters of the Road.

Brainfreeze! I meant Street Roots.

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