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Monday, December 15, 2008

Did they get the right guy?

A reader who has been following the Woodburn bank bombing story asks whether the man police have arrested in the case is in fact the same man who shows up in the surveillance photos of a suspect that were previously released. Says the reader, "The guy on the surveillance camera has a very different hairline." From our angle, we'd say it's hard to tell.

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My sources in law enforcement tell me the guy has extensive military training. They also provided a clearer picture than the grainy images the public has seen so far.

None, you would have made a great cop.

I would suspect the police had much more info to act on than the surveillance photo, before they arrested this guy. After the waddling bandit fiasco I guess the question still needs to be asked.

If it is the right guy I hope he suffers a terrible terrible ending. Extra thoughts and prayers for the families of the good guys, and to hell with the perp responsible.

The hairline looks right considering a haircut -- 'Before' in the surveillance photo, 'After' in the booking photo.

The brow is the same, in facial width, eye spacing, and forehead height.

The nostrils flare the same.

The beard: before and after shaving to a goatee.

And, most telling as I see it, the up-rake angle and close conformance of the ear cartilage is a match.

But ... in my mind conviction requires knowing the motive.

Which I can satisfy myself about if someone tell me his birthday. and birthplace, if possible.

Perhaps a 'motive' is similar to what is being reported elsewhere by some sources, including the AP:

Wayne Madsen Report .COM (subscription req'd), December 13-14, 2008 -- UPDATE 1X. Greek protests largely focused on failing economy

People around the world are becoming increasingly outraged over the faltering global economy and are taking to the streets to vent their anger. Reports about riots sweeping Greece and the rest of Europe are concentrating on the outrage over the shooting death of a Greek teenager by Greek police. However, and more importantly, the riots stem from outrage over increasing globalization of national economies and the loss of jobs around the world.

The violent protests are targeting banks as cited in the following December 12 Associated Press report filed from Athens: "Terrified workers in banks along Athens' central Syntagma Square watched in fear as protesters shattered windows just replaced days ago after being damaged in the worst riots Greece has experienced in decades. Protesters also smashed their way into the main branch of the National Bank of Greece, sending employees fleeing in panic Friday . . . The violence has hammered Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis' increasingly conservative government, which already faced vociferous opposition to economic and social reforms . . . Protesters in Spain, Denmark and Italy have smashed shop windows, pelted police with bottles and attacked banks this week."

Ya' think?

In case you haven't seen his myspace page:
it's myspace.com/pink503

I did hear on the news that the guy was found by other means then public turning him in from the photo. If this is the guy they need to string him up.

Tensky, it was interesting to read your thoughts about how people are feeling about the economy right now, a perspective only a true outsider could provide. I am hoping your post was meant as an explanation of possible motives, rather than justifications or excuses for the killer(s).

I think the arrest of the guy's father is a possible sign that the younger fellow is not as deeply involved in this event as the father. He has claimed innocence since being arrested (but then again a lot of guilty people do).

I have no clue what really happened, of course, but it is plausible that the father manipulated the son without the son's knowledge. Or maybe they were building bombs together out at the farm just for shits and giggles (albeit still quite illegal) and the dad decided to use the bombs at the bank without the son's knowledge. Not all conspiracies involve players that know the whole plan. See, e.g., the 9/11 hijackers with the knives, whom many believe were unaware they were on a suicide mission.

Or maybe they're both guilty as hell.

This probable cause affidavit makes the younger one look real guilty, but each of the actions COULD be explained. He bought a couple of cell phones and some spray paint. (Of course, he did possibly mislead police when questioned; his fiance gave them different answers to the same questions about his activities during critical times.)

The police investigating this thing will get to the bottom of it pretty quickly. They've got one or both of the Turnidges (and possibly others) dead to rights.

Saddest of all is the unfortunate judgment of the bomb guy(s) that this was a hoax device.

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