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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cozy up to your laptop

I remember as a kid watching a Yule log burn on TV on Christmas Eve. We didn't have a fireplace in our Newark eastside flat, and the video of a roaring fire, on our little black and white set, was our annual ritual. Here in Portland in the next millennium, we have these timeless images of the season:

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The video is no longer available....

It is to us.

If you have Comcast (digital), you can get a yule log on the On Demand menu (w/ or w/out holiday music). I think it's under the TV & Entertainment menu (not near my TV right now). We were having fun watching that earlier this afternoon.

Now I can see it

Seattle hills in snow and ice-not fun

Different PC tho'

The footage was shown on a Seattle television station, but it was shot in Portland.

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