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Sunday, December 28, 2008

American Bandstand

Among our nation's many sacrileges over the past six years is the use of music as a means of psychological torture. The temptation to make a cheap joke here is great, until you ponder the fact that we've purposely, literally driven people insane with it.

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Try as I might to find the words to express my contempt for that little ***** of **** who got himself installed in the judicial coup of 2000, I got nothing.

I can only hope that Augusto Pinochet is not the only murderous dictator who thought he got away with it who winds up being brought before the bar in my lifetime.

Only the last six years? The military barraged Noriega with loud music when he was holed up and resisting capture in Panama during that skirmish at the turn of 1989/1990.

It's another Republican thing, I think. The Democrats just send the prisoners forms to fill out.

Hate-music is cacophonic interest, marching to the drum of a different beater.

50 Things We Know Now (We Didn't Know This Time Last Year): 2008 Edition, By JEFF HOUCK | The Tampa Tribune, December 22, 2008.

Believe it or not, stuff happened that had nothing to do with the presidential election, gas prices or Michael Phelps. Not that you'd have an easy time sifting through all the media debris to find the information that actually meant something.

1. Dogs appear to experience jealousy and pride.
2. Two pounds of a dried plant that turned out to be the oldest marijuana in the world was discovered in a 2,700-year-old grave ....

6. Stress causes human brain cells to either shrink or grow, leaving victims of serious stress with dramatic changes to their nervous systems.

8. Ground-penetrating radar used by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter revealed enormous underground reservoirs of frozen water far from Mars' polar caps — glaciers up to a half-mile thick buried ....

9. Learning math triggers a large-scale reorganization of brain processes in order to understand written symbols for various quantities.

11. Magnetic resonance imaging scans of blood flow in the human brain indicate that bullies often derive pleasure from watching others in pain.

20. Searching online is better than reading books for increasing the brainpower of middle-aged and older adults.

30. An ADHD-related gene may encourage behaviors beneficial for nomads.
31. Taking a 10-minute online break during the course of the working day serves to reduce stress while sharpening and refocusing the mind.

35. The fully fleshed-out head of a Tyrannosaurus rex may have weighed more than 1,100 pounds, but much of that volume came from air cavities that likely created painful sinus infections.

48. Chimpanzees keep a mental record of helpful acts from other members of their group, such as grooming, scratching and removing fleas, so they can return the favor.

And the record of Chimp's hurtful mentality raises a majority who favor returning the disfigurement: Imprison the dunce.

11. Magnetic resonance imaging scans of blood flow in the human brain indicate that bullies often derive pleasure from watching others in pain.

We needed research in 2008 to tell us that?

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