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Monday, November 17, 2008

What sheriff's deputies do during their shifts

It's not like in Barney Fife's day.

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Barney didn't need porno. He had Thelma Lou.

I wonder if the porno flicks have an intermission or maybe the peeps get upset over bedlam and the anger intensity goes to kill-em stage. Porno and inmates deaths, could there be a connection?

not like in Barney Fife's day

I don't know. Why do you think Otis checked himself into his own jail cell?

Who are the bigger idiots- the deputies surfing porn at work, or management who didn't even think to put filters in place to block the porn amd gaming sites? It's not hard. Oh wait, the deputies' union would probably file a grievance.

Would the crack down have occurred on Bernie's watch?
"There's a new Sheriff in town." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiTd3O7YTjM It works on so many levels.

For fans of The Andy Griffith Show, this gives new meaning to the phrase "polishing your bullet".

Barney didn't need porno. He had Thelma Lou.

Don't forget he also had Juanita at the diner and those two kinky blonde chicks that came through town every once in a while and called him "Bernie".

Thelma Lou registered extremely high on the wholesome/sexy index. There are fans of the more flashy look but it is the Thelma Lous of the world who are sexier than Madonna could ever dream about.
Of course, Donna Reed will always define the genre. For some of us, Donna Reed was a porno star of the mind.

Old '1-bullet' Barney they called him. Standard issue. Y'know, all 300 million people could each get a $100 One Laptop Per Child computer to have and chat with, each night at home, off-duty, for $30 billion, (instead of bailing out Detroit). Cheaper than that $300-per-taxpayer kickback bribe the war criminal Chimp 'trickled down' to buy off people's prosecutions of him.

(For that matter, all 7 billion Earthlings could get web-hooked-up laptops for $700 billion -- less than a third of what American taxpayers, and 2 generations of taxpayers to come, have blown up in smoke in the gun barrels and bombs in Iraq. Oh, that pesky "internets" info's are always undermining phony 'war' bombastics.)

To keep the fear flinging and the mud sliding between their ears, old 'All-bullsh!t' LIARS called his callers to shout together to save the deputy today: "Let my peeps and pervs go." So the next caller, 'Joe from Plumberdumb' says, "LIARS, if a guy is doing porn ever'day at work, don't outright fire him, he's gotta get help -- you just know there is something wrong there, something psychological."

And LIARS say, "yeah, I agree, he needs help."

Meanwhile, the record of LIARS programming reveals he gets himself and his cult some of that there porn ever'day at work.

Picking salacious 'topics' to titillate listeners with, like 'vaginal abortion,' 'gay prison-threats,' 'home-invading rapists,' ' murder and lynching hard-on's,' 'ballbuster Palin politicians,' and now and then a peek-a-boo at his lovely 'wife' Tina.

Absolutely corrupted, you just know there is something wrong there, something psychological.

You gotta nip it! Nip it, Andy! Nip it in the bud!

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