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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Sam and Randy Show, Episode 267

The plot thickens on the Henry Merritt Paulson III sports stadium scam -- another $100 million on the backs of Portland taxpayers, for another worthless white elephant. Now Mayor-elect Sam the Tram wants to put the new stadium where the Memorial Coliseum is presently. There must be some developer ready to make a killing in that neighborhood -- probably old Joe Weston -- and of course, there isn't a real estate sharpie in town that the new mayor won't do flips for.

The central location might gain a little more support from the public than the previously proposed placement in the Lents neighborhood, but if Lents is left out, will Fireman Randy, the city's new expert on sports franchises, go along with the deal?

In any event, it appears the City Fathers have decided that we're going deep into hock and buying yet another civic stadium -- now they're just squabbling about where it's going to go. It's a good thing we just voted to spend more millions in the city's "children's initiative." I hope they teach the kids how to live in a bankrupt city that can't afford even a decent level of basic services -- because that is where Portland is surely heading. Go by streetcar!

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There's a lot of real estate shenagins around the old Coliseum, from the convention hotel, to the empty lots just to the East of I-5 across from the Rose Garden, to any number of older and "underused" properties ripe for some urban renewal funded redevelopment.

I love the reasoning that while the old Coliseum has become a white elephant, there's no way that a new new stadium, or renovated PGE park could possibly become white elephants.

You guys keep voting these idiots in then complain about it when their local socialism doesn't work out. When are you going to learn that fiscal conservatism is a good thing?

I tried in 2006, but you just can't sell that message to PDX voters. Not, at least, to those that actually vote.

There are a lot of people that hate city government, particularly east of 82nd Ave, but they just don't vote.

"There must be some developer ready to make a killing in that neighborhood -- probably old Joe Weston"

Try Hank Ashforth. This will make great justification for Sam to pencil out the CC hotel.

So what happened to him being the education mayor? Also, he may want to start setting something aside for 100 yr old infrastructure in the streets.

If you want to see a typical cross section of Portland voters, simply attend any of the Friday Forum luncheons at the Portland City Club. Engage with others at the table on most any topic.

Quite an eye opener.

Many have an idealistic rather than realistic view of what they would like Portland to become.

Not necessarily all bad, but definitely pro anything blue, or what Portland leaders want.

Dave, in 2006 I was just finding my 'political bearings', so to speak. I was working for Amanda, a great experience even though I'm conservative. I know you said you'd never run again, but I really hope you reconsider. If you do, you can count on my time and support.

I also expect support for him from all of you who complain about how the city manages it's finances.

The powers that be seem to think that their appeal to the feds for money to cover everything else will somehow "free up" a mythical money pot for this inexcusable expenditure. Let Paulson field private investors. Oh wait, the city now has $3,000 from the Chavez renaming committee (per today's paper) . . . that should cover it.

you just can't sell that message to PDX voters. Not, at least, to those that actually vote...There are a lot of people that hate city government

Maybe "hate" doesn't sell?

For all the belief in "free markets" espoused here by some, maybe "hate" really isn't the emotion of choice of Americans, the one that drives us to get up in the morning and go to work. Or even gets us up off our butts to vote.

Is it hatred of the enemy that gets men and women to sacrifice their lives in war...or love of family and country? What connects with people?

Maybe hope and love are illusions, but our belief in them keeps us going. Hate just wears us out.

"maybe "hate" really isn't the emotion of choice of Americans"

It seemed to work for Jeff Merkley and his campaign.

To be fair, personal attacks are pretty much the leitmotif of all political campaigns today.

Frank, you obviously haven't been paying attention to comments about Bush/Cheney on this blog.

NYT has an article on the proposed scam:


But sports stadiums aren't "blue"! They are money wasters and transfer money from the general fund and taxpayers into wealthy team owners.

This isn't about "blue." It's about "green" (in construction company, architect, and real estate weasel wallets).

Hate is just as real as love and hope. I'm just saying it doesn't seem a good platform to run on. That people might hate W for what he's done to this country isn't necessary illogical, it just gets old, even as it becomes more and more self-evident. That Smith ran as the anti-Reblican Republican was as offensive and surreal as Merkeley's jabs back.

And I STILL hate the Dodgers for leaving NY, and wished them ill in the playoffs. It's not about logic but passion, which can be crazy. Beavers v Ducks? Which side are you on?

Don't look for logic in building sports stadiums. $200 million to replace Mac Court? Say Goodbye to Shea Stadium? And what was so wrong with Memorial Coliseum?
I had many a great time there, just as I did at Yankee Stadium watching Maris hit a few of those homers. And yet all those improved salaries couldn't help my beloved --the heroes of my youth-- Yankees and Mets. I don't expect the new ballparks to help either.

Yeah, there's always someone making money, but someone's boondoggle is a bunch of other people's jobs. Everything government does includes transfers of money, doesn't it?

But I also know I love my wife and country. And I miss major league baseball, and the Mariners suck. We all have our Fields of Dreams.

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