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Monday, November 3, 2008

That boob on your tube

I'll be popping up from time to time tomorrow night on KGW-TV, Channel 8 here in Portland. As I did on primary election night in the spring, I'll be live blogging on the KGW website and saying stuff on camera on the telly once in a while. Last time I had quite a bit of air time on KGW's affiliated cable news network, NWCN, as well, and I think there may have been some additional live streaming video on one of the two internet sites.

The most interesting race for me will be Merkley-Smith, and the party breakdown of seats in the U.S. Senate. After that we have the duelling ballot measures, 57 and 61, and eliminating the double majority rule, 56. The PCC and zoo money measures ought to be fascinating as well... California Prop. 8... Karen Minnis's old seat... Should be an action-packed night. Other races I should be focusing on?

Once I've got a page going on KGW tomorrow, I'll post a link here on this blog and send readers over there for the evening.

UPDATE, 11:14 p.m.: It looks as though there will be a lot more coverage on the website than on the air tomorrow evening, with the serious input starting once the polls close in Oregon at 8:00.

UPDATE, 11/4, 1:56 a.m.: A reader correctly notes that there will be lots of KGW coverage throughout the evening on Comcast Digital channel 308. I suspect that's where I'll be.

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Not that it's local, but is there a chance Nancy Pelosi will take a tumble in favor if Cindy Sheehan?

Please, no excuses for Sizemore.

You pretty well know what's going on that's of interest, Jack.

KGW doesn't.

My request is that you introduce KGW to this, and add it into their election coverage sources: The Uptake (dot ORG). All live video, all the time.


Heck, here's a good local story now, fresh for broadcast.

Mercenary Firm Offers to 'Detain Troublemakers' on Election Day (Updated), By Nathan Hodge, November 03, 2008

CIA-linked private military contractor Evergreen Defense & Security Services offered to post sentries at Oregon election offices on Tuesday, "detaining troublemakers" and making sure voters "do not get out of control."

In an e-mail to local election supervisors, obtained by the McMinnville, Oregon News Register, Evergreen president Tom Wiggins said he "recognized the potential conflict" that could occur on November 4th. ...

Evergreen's offer is particularly weird, since the state does its voting by mail.

It's just about midnight on the East Coast, and Palin is still McCain's running mate.

You owe me a dollar.

On the ballot measures, I voted for the working class college kids, but against the little kids and the elephants. I figure any city that can afford to spend a bundle of money on a brand new baseball park can afford to fund programs that deal with child abuse, etc. As for the elephants, they've lived in the same place ever since I was a little kid and they can live there a bit longer until the economy comes back.

There's also that legislative race in the distrct that stretches from east Multnomah County to Hood River, with the mixed martial arts guy, Matt Lindblad, running as the Republican. It's a traditionally GOP district, but he might be too scary for even some Republicans.

You could also note the high number of non-races in other legislative districts, where the seat was decided in the primary. And then juxtapose that with a probably close margin on Measure 65.

It's just about midnight on the East Coast, and Palin is still McCain's running mate. You owe me a dollar.

I actually thought McCain was competent. But I was wrong.

This is the best dollar I ever spent. Thank heaven she stayed on. Let's hope she runs for President next time.

It's pretty clear to me from her refusal to show medical records that she's hiding something major. I still think that baby is not hers. What a creepy lady.

(Refraining from Trig Palin comment, since I've made my viewpoint abundantly clear, and repeatedly...)

By the way, what's with your banner picture? Is it the Toddler Beatles at Abbey Road? John, Paul, George, Ringo, Pete, Stu, and Billy Preston? With George Martin leading the way and Ed Sullivan following?

Dicksvill Notch, NH
1st results for the 2008 election:
Obama 16
McCain 6
I can go to bed happy tonight!

ooopps my bad:
It should be Obama 15 votes

You think we got weird stuff on the ballot here? Check out what they are voting on in San Francisco:


Jack -- One thing I'd add to your list: Will the Oregon House Democrats get to 36 seats or beyond?

KGW will also have all local coverage on Comcast Digital 308 all evening long...we could be seeing quite a bit of you Jack!

ooopps my bad:
It should be Obama 15 votes

Karl's up there now?

Jack, you are all-time amateur, not even nominee BOOB on the tube. Disqualified because you are not a LIAR.

LIARS plays spoof "Barney Frank for President" ad encouraging people to vote for "Barney Fag", Nov 3, 2008 7:42pm ET

On the October 31 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, LIARS Liarson played a spoof "Barney Frank for President" advertisement, in which a person said: "Hi, everybody. I'm Barney Frank and I'm running for president of the United States. ... Now remember, this Erection Day -- Election Day, vote for Barney Frank for President. I'm Barney Fag -- uh, Frank and I approve this massage -- message."

Later in the broadcast. LIARS stated, "Barney Frank had a boyfriend who he was sleeping with who was with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, one of the two. He had a dog in the fight," baselessly [i.e., fraudulent, LIARS, indecent sick bigot] suggesting that Frank allowed his relationship in the 1990s with Herb Moses, a Fannie Mae official at the time, to improperly influence his conduct as a member of the House Financial Services Committee, which was responsible for oversight of Fannie Mae.

As Media Matters for America has noted, Frank repeatedly took actions to strengthen oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac while Moses was employed by Fannie Mae.

GD it, Jack, shove a wedge in the broadcast bedfellows. KGW must LOUDLY repudiate and disown LIARS - or - sit shamed in silent consent harboring fascist massmedia in Portland as their own kind, KGW itself being LIARS buddies.

Of course, if you pierce the veil of TV-is-good illusion, then they will blacklist you from their bunker-incest cult ... the sort of enemy you want to have -- trust me, by which to be judged for your best moral features.

Maybe Mayor Adams holds some influential sway with PDX media ... uh, business advertisers.

Until the 'good' media disavow their nazi colleagues to get the poison out of broadcasting, the powermad sociopaths are going to go on destroying all of them, and our lives and this country as collateral damage. Look at Hollywood entertainment's Years of Darkest SHAME sucking up to fascist McCarthy. He's ba-a-ack, and his name is Lamebrain LIARS. Limbaugh distorts discussion between Brokaw and Rose ..., Nov 3, 2008 4:35pm ET

During the October 31 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, Rush Limbaugh played an audio clip "montage" from the October 30 edition of PBS' Charlie Rose in which Limbaugh asserted that Rose and his guest, NBC Meet the Press host Tom Brokaw, were "trying to figure out who [Sen. Barack] Obama is." In fact, Limbaugh cropped the clip, distorting what Rose and [NBC] Brokaw said, at one point falsely [i.e., LIARS ] suggesting that [NBC] Brokaw expressed the view that "there's a lot about him [Obama] that we don't know," when in fact [NBC] Brokaw attributed that assertion to "conservative commentators."

The Oregon Democrats' event at the Convention Center tonight is invite only? What? I wonder if they'd give a serious *ahem* blogger like me a press pass to live blog it.

I'll be very different. Think Washington, Jack. The State of Washington. It would be nice to occasionally cover the Governor's race in Washington and see if enough dead people are voting this time. It would be enlightening to know how the County Commissioner race gets impacted by the huge money spent by the casino promoter from Seattle. The Washington races get no coverage out of Portland. You could be the first.
Good luck.

By the way, what's with your banner picture?

I thought it was Portland's new traffic calming system.

Clackamas County Library Service District (3-310)

Our government leaders continue to move basic services to "optional at extra cost." Do we have a choice with libraries in the information age? In a democracy?

Since the polls close at 7 pm Eastern Time in Georgia, Indiana and Virginia, national predictions and projections will actually begin around 4 pm Pacific Time.

Here's my suggestion -- an item for your election news coverage. Report all the votes that are counted, yes, and ALSO ...

report the votes NOT counted. And report Who's votes Where When WHY and HOW they're being NOT counted.

Here's some sources for KGW to report:
BlackBox Voting (dot ORG).

Brad Blog (dot COM).

And a PDX story among the rest: Tell us what's known about last night's flood in the basement where the returned ballots sit at the Elections Office of Multnomah County -- largest stash of probable Democratic ballots in the State. What's the story? Were marked ballots water-damaged?

Those kinds of ballots "NOT counted," and these others, is what I suggest you include in your election news reporting contributions. These others, from BlackBox Voting and Brad Blog, f'r instance:

VA, PA, FL: Machine Problem Reports Increasing -- 11/4/2008 10:19AM PT

KY: 108 Hart InterCivic Voting Machines Removed from Service by Judge -- 11/4/2008 10:35AM PT

('Onion' Video: Sequoia Touch-Screen Elected 44th President -- Some brief, mid-Election Day comic relief... It looks like The Onion is reporting that a Sequoia touch-screen voting machine has been elected to the White House.)

VA: 'Massive' Machine Malfunctions, Illegal Provisionals, Last Minute Pollsite Moves 'Plague' Voters -- 11/4/2008 1:03PM PT

AR: Pre-Election Tests Not Performed Correctly on Touch-Screens, Not Enough Paper Ballots, Voting Delayed - Voting Machines were not zeroed out after testing leaving votes on them -- 11/4/2008 1:37PM PT

(TN) 10/08 - Vote-flipping reported from Obama to McKinney SUMMARY: This was the ES&S iVotronic, same voting machine caught flipping votes in two West Virginia counties. Votes peeled off to the other major par ... More

(NM) 11/08 - State: Results coming from basement in private home SUMMARY: The election results for the entire state of New Mexico are coming from a married couple from a server in the basement of their private home. ... More

(WV) 10/08 - State: Now voters in SIX counties report vote flipping SUMMARY: Jackson, Putnam, Berkeley, Ohio, Monongalia and Greenbrier, all using ES&S iVotronic voting machines, now have voters reporting that when the ... More

(PA) 10/08 - Allegheny: Timely reminder - 27% rejection of provisional ballots due to pollworker error HEADS UP: More than one-fourth of all provisional ballots cast were deemed invalid because poll workers failed to fill out the envelope properly. (All ... More

10-16-08: New results middleman spotted - FL, KS, IL, CA, CO, NC, SC, NY, NM, TX -- The following locations are using software and, in some cases, hosting voter registration data and results on the servers that belong to a Florida company called SOE Software: (CA) Contra Costa, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Clara, Shasta, Ventura; (CO) Arapahoe; (FL) Broward, Duval, Hillsborough, Miami-Dade, Pasco, Palm Beach, St. Lucie; (IL) DuPage, McHenry, Lake; (KS) Johnson; (NC) North Carolina Board of Elections; (NM) Dona Ana, (NY) New York State Board of Elections; (SC) South Carolina State Election Commission; (TX) Dallas, Tarrant, Williamson.

The Tampa, Florida firm [SOE Software] produces the "Clarity" software suite used with Hart Intercivic and also announced an alliance with Diebold to integrate its software.

A middleman entity is a person or system that sits in between the votes first counted and the results finally reported. For example, if you hand-count votes at a polling place, then hand the results sheet to a courier, who then drives the results and ballots somewhere else and reports them, that courier is inserted between the original results and the reported results.


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