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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

PSU on Portland population: City didn't give us the numbers

We revealed yesterday that the population of the City of Portland didn't grow at all in the year ended July 1, according to preliminary data released by the Portland State population research center. We e-mailed that group to ask if there wasn't some clerical mistake. We just got a response, and there's no mistake. But the reason the number didn't change is curious:

If we do not receive housing and population data from city staff, we hold the city's population constant from the previous year. We send an annual questionnaire requesting the data, and follow-up with reminder messages if we have not received the completed questionnaire.

Risa Swirsky Proehl
Population Estimates Program Manager/Demographic Analyst
Population Research Center
Portland State University

Are the cities and towns writing their own numbers when it comes to the annual PSU population report? That doesn't sound too scientific. No wonder the U.S. Census Bureau's numbers are different.

Comments (3)

I wonder where or how the city gets its population numbers...

I think the reason why there was a big divergence between the Census and PSU population estimate had to do with the county income tax. It became effective then and some people living in Portland started using their summer home addresses as their residences to help reduce or eliminate their tax liability. I believe that the Census uses IRS data.

The State of Oregon distributes liquor, cigarette & other shared revenues to cities based on the PSU population figures. I'd be really surprised if Portland doesn't wake up and feed PSU the data before it becomes official in December.

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