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Saturday, November 29, 2008

On gossamer wings

The Mrs. and I don't get out as much as we used to. But here's a Portland performer that we'd better catch soon, before the rest of the world discovers her:

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Two words: Swissly Krissly

Swissly Krissly Yours, being how Louis Armstrong often signed letters including one to President Eisenhowser.

Swiss Kriss was Louie's favorite laxitive. And he made a habit of handing packets of it out whenever the occassion arose. Like when he met the Royal Family. What was good enough for Louie was certainly good enough for Queens and Princesses. And word has it that the Royal Family greatly appreciated Mr. Armstrong's enthusiastic generosity.

Anyway, Swissly Krissly is my highest complement, reserved for performances which cleanse the soul.

Swissly Krissly, Miss Davis, simply Swissly Krissly

Always great to see you post a mainstream jazz great. Her violin knocks me out, in the great Stephane Grappelli style. Voice is fine, also..Great to see Becky and Frishberg are with her. You're right she is going to be big time.

Incredible chops. Annual pre-x-mas trek to P-town will find us in her venue. Thanks for the tuneful tip.

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