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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Now they can retire

From what I've been reading and hearing, as President, Barack Obama will appoint successors to three U.S. Supreme Court justices: Ruth Ginsburg, John Paul Stevens, and David Souter. And who knows? Maybe others.

Yoo hoo! B.! I'm available!

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Why don't we hold off a couple months on the resignations?

They will. But there's no way any Bush appointments are going anywhere...

And replacing these aging liberal dinosaurs with new liberal dinosaurs changes the court how exactly?

"how exactly?" By bringing intellect, compassion and observance of the constitution, for starters.
Jack, you would be a great choice in my book.

Souter -- liberal dinosaur? C'mon -- He was appointed by G.H.W. Bush, and back in his New Hampshire days he was good buddies with Warren Rudman and John Sununu. The fact that he doesn't vote consistently with the reactionaries on the Court does not make him a dinosaur or a liberal.

How about Oregon's own 9th Curcuit Judge Susan Graber Jack?

Due to age issues, it is almost a forgone conclusion that these three will resign, and probably soon.

The real question is when will Kennedy resign?

This is where the Con. law professorial experience will shine for Barrack. His appointees will be top notch, brilliant, scholarly types, but without an agenda unlike the Bush appointees. A strong tax law background might be more useful within the administration.


I'm serious.


I'm serious."

That would be worth it just to see Sean Hannity eat his own liver on national TV.

Hillary? I like that! :-)

I do hope some of the conservative dinosaurs will retire within the next eight years as well, so Obama can shift the balance of the court back to a liberal mainstream.

Wouldn't it be nice to see some of the younger conservative dinosaurs move on? Alito, Roberts, Scalia and Thomas come to mind . . . .

At 61 or so, this guy may be a little long in the tooth for a nomination, but Walter Dellinger (former Solicitor General, now teaching at Duke Law School) would be an excellent choice.

Pres. Obama should let Hillary continue to build her own legacy in the Senate and doesn't need the firestorm that would result from her nomination hearings, even if they are held in a Democrat-controlled forum.

Oops - mistyped - Mr. Dellinger is 67 or so, not 61. This could give him a good 10-15 years on the bench easily, but I'd bet Pres. Obama wants to leave a longer legacy.

"And replacing these aging liberal dinosaurs with new liberal dinosaurs changes the court how exactly?"

The new liberal dinosaurs will last longer. :-)

These appointments are one of the lasting influences a president. I'm torn between wanting Obama to pick qualified, thoughtful jurists and wanting a selection of rabidly liberal ideologues to counter some previous appointments.

Justice HILLARY?

Wasn't Bush chastized for nominating Harriet Miers because she'd never sat on the bench?

"liberal mainstream..."

Heh, heh!

Justice Bogdanski? Dream on.

Oops, hit the space bar too soon ... Why would you want to give up your day job and blog? Or would they let you type to the web behind the bench during oral arguments?

Wasn't Bush chastized for nominating Harriet Miers because she'd never sat on the bench?

Not exactly, Mr. T. There have been any number of Justices, including some of the more distinguished ones, without prior judicial experience. Miers was objected to because her qualifications in all respects were -- to put it mildly -- so modest.

Justice Bogdanski? Dream on.

Not a dream, my friend!

Was that your Dad, Jack?

I think you'd make a fine justice: I have no doubt you could subjugate your personal views in deference to the law. But with all the epinions to use against you, I think the R's would have a field day.

Justice B. was not my relative. Bogdanski is actually a somewhat common name in Poland.

Amidst the talk about lack of prior experience, someone recently pointed out that of the nine who signed the unanimous opinion in Brown v Bd of Ed, only one had been a judge prior to appointment as a Justice.

I had my differences with Lady Day, may she burn in hell for eternity while having to listen to Scalia talk about what a t*** she was for joining in the judicial coup that was Bush v Gore (after being quite publicly partisan about what a terrible thing it was when Florida was called for Gore) but with her legislative experience she did bring a welcome sense of the real world to that otherwise hermetically sealed world.

Ms. O'Connor is alleged to feel remorse over the Bush v Gore decision. I think that's slightly to her credit if it is so.

Both Kennedy and Scalia are 72, which is young for the Supremes. They could easily hang on for another eight years. I'm sure Scalia will, since he's on a mission. Kennedy may decide to retire.

Hillary, however, might make Scalia want to retire. This is exactly the right place for a liberal ballbuster.

I saw Justice Kennedy up close and in person recently; he seems a lot younger than 72 and in no mood to retire.

Imagine if the old foot soldier made it to 1600 Penn Ave and had the ear of Sarah Palin? Oh my gosh! The voters never hear much on the issue of how important the Pres pick is when it comes to appointing judges on the big bench. It is EVERYTHING. Finally someone with common sense (after 8 long years of the IDIOT)

The new liberal dinosaurs will last longer. :-)

I'm not so sure with Stevens - he looks pretty good. I understand that his older brother is still practicing law as well.

Throw your name in at change.gov.

Hardy Myers, a shoo-in.

Actually, the next federal judges from Oregon will be decided by Wyden and Merkley.

And I assume Karen Immergut's days as U.S. attorney are numbered.

Actually, the next federal judges from Oregon will be decided by Wyden and Merkley.

Yes and no. It is the President who gets the final say. Bush always wanted the Senator(s) to give him at least three names.

Remember when Gordon Smith tried to just send Ray Baum, but he didn't pass ideological muster with the Administration? Michael Mossman ended up getting the nod, but he was one of three names sent back.

It's not clear yet how the Obama Administration will handle it, but there will be two vacancies to fill in Oregon.

Yes and no. It is the President who gets the final say.

Yes. But the senators can veto anyone, and I doubt that they and the administration will differ very often. You see, the Democratic Party actually has its act together now.

the Democratic Party actually has its act together now

Famous last words. How I hope that you're right!

So we can expect more judges who believe the Constitution is a living document and should be considered along with international law? How about judges who actually force the Federal Government to actually perform within the bounds of the Constitution.

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