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Monday, November 3, 2008

Make up your own joke

The Oregon Convention Center just went out and hired a "sustainability coordinator."

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That's a garbage collector, right?

Yeah, that's a great use of taxpayers' money during these tough economic times. Go Metro! Keep making yourself irrelevant and unloved.

All it takes is a good thesaurus, as daveg implies. I heard the other day of a new program at a local restaurant that eliminates 80% of food waste through recycling. In other contexts, it's called composting. Recycling and redefining are equivalent concepts.

Someone has to hire all the "sustainable" degreed graduates from all the universities with their "sustainable" programs. It's another industry that use to be just a part of life without a doctorate.

Classic back-and-fill. THe more people we can hire on the dole for the CC, the more justification that a CC Hotel is needed and supportable.

Is There anyone willing to put a Measure on the ballot to disband Metro? This is just one more example why these people need to be kept on a very short leash.

what did the cow on storieds say to the car?

Moooooooooooooove Over

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