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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Is it over yet?

The flow of election porn at our place has reached orgy-like proportions in the final days before the election. Two different Charles Lewis pieces arrived at the same time -- your "clean" taxpayer dollars at work -- plus the things in life that "dirty" money can buy: Yes on 62, No on 63, No on 64, No on 65, and yet another P.C. ballot measure checklist from the "Defend Oregon" people.

What an enormous waste of money. Here we have the Sellwood Bridge falling down, and what are we blowing our dough on? Pure foolishness.

Anyway, only two more mail delivery days until the votes are counted. Hallelujah.

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I think a valid question is, is Sizemore-phobia treatable?
Even Lucifer gets better treatment from the righteous believers.
Seems that the so called Educated are as superstitious as the ignorant.

Doesn't early voting stop the porn?

Don't they select out the early voters who have cast their ballots, and only mail to the 'not-yet-voted'?

No to all the above.

I enjoyed the column earlier this week by George Will, in which he noted that Americans will spend roughly $5.3 billion on political campaigns this year.

Which sounds like a lot of money. Until you find out that Americans will spend roughly $6.3 billion on potato chips this year.

If you're calculating dollars spent versus importance to our lives, we're barely spending anything on political campaigns.

Acknowledging, btw, that my potato chips are paid for by a tiny slice of that political campaign spending.

And only two more days for the extremely annoying door-knockers to get told to scram we already voted.

I dunno Kari, I think with all the crap I am getting in my mailbox this election, I would rather get a mailbox stuffed full of potato chips at this point.

Anyway, only two more mail delivery days until the votes are counted. Hallelujah.

The ads for Palin 2012 start on Wednesday.

If you vote early your name gets removed from the mailing list and your mailbox doesn't end up with all the junk. Simple as that.

I'd also love to see you try to fix/replace the Sellwood Bridge with the money spent on political flyers. We'd have a new bridge in about 100 years. Now, using that money to feed a homeless family or something along those lines, that might be a better point.

Simple as that.

Not. I returned my ballot the day I got it; still getting flyers in the mail.

"quit knocking", canvassers shouldn't be coming to your house if you've already voted. Maybe someone in your household hasn't turned in their ballot?

We'd have a new bridge in about 100 years.

My point is that we ought to be devoting every single available penny for something as important as that bridge. Instead, we're putting aside nothing for the bridge, and waiting to be bailed out by the federal government printing press. Typical America, early 21st Century.

Does anyone know for a fact the effectiveness of these mailers in a non-partisan way? They all go into the garbage in our household.

How does a picture of children, or greenway, or a mountain tell me the positions of a candidate? Who are against any of these images? I am not happy that some of our Portland candidates have used taxpayers dollars for nothing that addresses the issues.

I wish our politicians were as gratifying as potato chips.

"... only two more mail delivery days until the votes are counted." You mean we're going to count them, this time? And would it mean the slam-dunk losers shut up and reflect in their failed own counsel?

As for the 'effectiveness' of campaign porn postcards, the conventional wisdom in direct mail advertising is that 3% response rate is a winning (profitting) amount. 97 out of 100 throw it in the trash, yeah ... and in the insolent Word of Cheney: So? 'Modernity' wisdom now for all advertising is that words and statements are immaterial; the imagery is the only thing that recipients 'get' -- most of all only getting the image that the candidate or initiative Measure is actually a valid vote-consideration, and validated in merely being on the ballot -- a credible 'product' contending in the 'market category.' No matter what you think of it, it's supposed to make you think it is worth your thinking about. Like porn does.

The New Know-Nothings, by Larry Beinhart, CommonDreams.org, November 2, 2008.

... this belated valentine to Sarah Palin.

Sarah, I love you for having revealed unto the media the snarling heart of the beast that is the base (and the soul) of the Republican Party. Yes, you have the lipstick and the heels, not to mention the calves and bosoms, that send Republican men into swoons, but you have more; the pit-bull snarl that rouses your supporters to cry out, "Traitor!" against Obama, and "Kill him!"

George Bush kept those folks in their kennels, ran as a "compassionate conservative," and always masked his most heinous plans in double speak. Bush the Elder, Ronald Reagan, and even Richard Nixon never explicitly ran on hate and fear of "the other." They used words that were coded enough that it was possible to pretend that they were true.

But now the beast is loose.

The Republican Party likes to ...

Sorry, but remind me again why I'm being childish for simply 86'ing anything bearing The Mark of Sizemore, McIntyre, or Mannix. I'm big on empirical evidence, and every scrap I've seen since I've lived in Oregon is that these creeps are dedicated to the proposition that all government is evil. They'll do whatever it takes to destroy government programs that don't involve locking people up or snooping into people's bedrooms.

So yes, I'm an arrogant jerk by some people's lights, I suppose, because I didn't spend hours reading the voters' pamphlet about the latest Sizemore and Mannix initiatives. But I'd suggest in response that watching Sizemore & Co. do the same damn thing all over again, but expecting it to somehow be different this time, is an indication of political insanity.

We (the only 2 people living in our house) voted the week after we received our ballots and still receive daily 4-5 mailers and 2-3 knockers asking for us by our names listed on their clipboards. In theory, that would be great if they targeted the folks who have not yet voted...but then again...scram off my porch if you're not invited! (whole other pet peeve about uninvited soliciting)

Sorry Bob: Both of us voted way back on Monday, October 27th. On friday and saturday alone we received over 20 items of campaign garbage; not to mention at least one person left campaign literature at our front door.

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