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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I-5 northbound: Forget it

It's a parking lot from at least Terwilliger to at least the Rose Quarter. Given the stoppages, we suspect it's bad from Wilsonville all the way up through the 'Couv.

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Google maps now has live traffic available. Tonight is about as bad as I have ever seen.

Cheap gas, good weather, holiday eve, Blazer game -- it's the perfect storm.

ODOT has had live traffic for quite a while - look here.

And it looks a little more clear by now.

Good thing we have light rail to reduce freeway traffic.


How is Obama going to deal with this?

If you think that's bad, just wait for I-5 on Saturday with half the city trying to get to Corvallis, and then get home.

Go by Streetcar!

If only we had a 12 lane bridge across the Columbia that would surely get things moving....oh wait it's four lanes through the rose quarter...well lets just bulldoze the whole corridor to 12 lanes Wilsonville through the Couv.

thank god, i drove over the hwy 30 to Longview to avoid that mega traffic jam on i-5 into Vancouver . i knew it would be that bad over there.

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