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Monday, November 17, 2008

Hillary's problem

She'd make an excellent secretary of state, but her and her husband's crooked ways with money are a little too obvious.

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And boo-hoo, she and Bill are stomping their feet to have Obama pay off her campaign debts, using it as leverage. He beat them and their machine, and he doesn't owe her squat.

IMO, if Obama names Hillary secretary of state, we will all know that "change" was an empty slogan and Obama is just another neoliberal that plans to recycle the failed policies of the Clintonistas.

Of course change was an empty slogan. Axlerod knew that change was the best slogan for the situation so he went with that. Axelrod is a sharp guy, who knows what Obama is. Guess we'll find out. Some of the other candidates that Axelrod has put into office haven't fared so well once elected.

Oh to get a look at Bubba's answers to the 63 questions. Spouses have to fill that thing out too, don't they?

Do you guys realize there is a major difference between the capacities of Secretary of State and President, right?

And you do realize Obama's message of change was mostly referring to Bush and conservative policies, right?

Please... save your feigned outrage for another day. Really not sure how you can say "Change" is an empty slogan before Obama has even taken office.

save your feigned outrage for another day

I am not 'outraged', feigned or otherwise. I didn't even vote for the guy.

Not sure why anyone thinks Hilz would make an excellent SoS. As many have noted, she has no track record of being a capable administrator of a bureaucracy.

For example, here: http://is.gd/7Od8

My take is that, if you think she needs to be in the cabinet, then we should take her up on her claim that providing health care for all and caring for children is her passion, and make her secretary of HHS.

Obama's outreach to his adversaries is a significant change from appointing cronies. The fact that this rival is one of the "good old girls" of the party misses the point though. When Lincoln appointed his rivals to his cabinet, he needed to coalesce three parties into some sort of consensus to move forward in the face of the most divisive issue in history that was slavery. It was an innovative move which ultimately proved effective. By appointing some moderate R's to cabinet positions, Obama may succeed in building broader support in Congress to advance his agenda. Unfortunately I think the Hillary appointment would have the opposite effect. Perhaps he is considering her more as a means of neutralizing her as a threat to his potential second term?
Personally I think it undermines the "team of rivals" concept.

I don't know if I'd say all of Clinton's policies were "failures," although there are some biggies out there.

As for "change we can believe in," I understood that a big part of his new agenda was going to be an end to politics as usual - how many times did we hear that stupid phrase during the past 24 months? Too bad his first significant appointment was Rahm Emanuel, the prototypical Clinton / old-school partisan attack dog, and several others are retreads from the past as well.

I understood that a big part of his new agenda was going to be an end to politics as usual

Too right. I thought we were going to get rid of the House and the Senate, and -- for that matter -- all those elected and appointed bums and bummettes.

Maybe they just wanted to get her out of the Senate so that Obama's legislation wouldn't get her work over and an opportunity for her to claim that she came to the rescue when things bogged down.


Allan, that might be a bit too drastic. I can think of about 240 representatives and 57 or 58 senators that we ought to get rid of, though. ;)

In all seriousness, and I may be the only one out there on "the Right," I am not so much disappointed with Obama as much as I am worried that he will succumb to all those who helped get him to the presidency - we are already seeing that with the auto workers' union and the suggestion that Hilary, who represents the political machine that Obama railed against, being appointed as SoS.

"... as much as I am worried ...." -- get together with people, work, stay busy. Progress cures worry.

Insider politicos say Bill Richardson is odds on for Obama's SoS, anyway. The bogus acclaim for Hillary seems to squirt out of the rightwingers' bag of bogosity, like it did when their 'cross-overs' aimed to slam-dunk her campaign into the presidency.

What are we worried about? They are ALL CROOKS. All of them.
Its all a grand country club of folks who kiss butt to the major corps in this country, world bank, lobbyists. What's the big deal?
Bill Clinton is a major gangster.....but heck, I would take him back a President any day of the week. Just speaking the truth here gang.

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